Looks like my mat triggers some of GFI protected sockets. Is it normal?

There is an auto grounding EMF elimination function on the Ereada®  mats. 

The mats have a special layer with charcoal fiber and wires inside to absorb electric waves and transfer them through a special chip in the controller into the grounding plug of the wall socket. 

This function may influence the GFI protection sockets, which can mistake the electric currents in the ground wire for the indications of the short circuits between the phase and the ground plugs and then automatically activate breakers. 

The protection relay of the GFI circuit could be installed to detect currents as low as 5 mA, which would open the circuit breaker at a significantly lower level, hence, much quicker than the traditional circuit breaker. That is why the mat that works fine in the standard grounded wall socket can not be used in some GFI-protected sockets. 

We tested the mats on different GFI-protected sockets. We found out that the possibility that the mat will trigger the GFI protection relay depends on the brand and sensitivity of the relay. For example, the GFI receptacles with red and black reset buttons work fine with the mat, while white ones are usually triggered. 

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