How to choose Surge Protector Suppressor Voltage Relay Stabilizer

The main reason for the failure of any electronic device is the power spike or voltage surge in the electricity supply grid during storms, hurricanes, overloads, or outages.

All these protective appliances (UPS, voltage relay, voltage stabilizer, spike suppressor, surge protector, etc.) help keep plugged-in electronic devices safe from too high or too low voltage.

They work like a more sophisticated fuse, gradually interrupting electricity or even providing you with the ability to continue to use your mat. At the same time, the power is off (uninterrupted power supplies).

When you select the voltage stabilizer or any other protector, you may choose to protect only your Amethyst mat or also your computer and other devices as well. Some folks even have whole-house power supplies, stabilizers, or surge protectors.
Surge suppressors or voltage relays are the cheapest among the protectors.

If we speak about the mat only, you should use the protector based on the mat's maximum power consumption, 80-100W for the mini mat, 180-250W for the midsize, 220-300W professional or single size mat, 500-600W for the queen or king size mat.

If we speak about the amperage, it will be different for 220V and 110V electricity, so select your protector basing on its maximum power output (wattage). It is always better to have some extra capacity for longer life and higher reliability.

These electrical device protectors are small, cheap, standard, and widely available for TV sets, refrigerators, computers, and other high-valued electronics.

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