Do Ereada® mats get hot to the touch when they heat up?

It depends on temperature level. The mat is hot to touch if you put it on high temperature.

It depends on the mat model. The Purple Ereada® amethyst mats and Gemstone mats with crystals covered by mesh fabric are hotter to touch than the Classic Brown Ereada® amethyst heating mats where the tumbled crystals are covered with a layer of luxury eco-suede.

It also depends on the temperature level and whether the heat dissipates or not. The mat surface gets much hotter when you are on the mat or you cover it with a blanket. It is very important that you cover the mat completely while preheating it.

If you cover the mat partially the temperature sensors positioned in the different layers of the mat around all the surface will report different and controvercial measurements to the main controller.

Finally controller may loose calibration and start to work incorrectly or malfunction.

So, please, always cover the mat completely while it is preheating to set level.

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