Could you, please, provide detailed information about contraindications?

It is always recommended for everybody to consult a physician before using the FIR mat. Following may not be a full list of contraindications.

  • The recipients of any type of organ transplant should not use FIR or PEMF mats. 
  • Anybody with diseases associated with a reduced ability to sweat or insensitivity to heat should use the FIR mat with no heat. Negative Ions only mode.
  • Anyone with the diagnosed diseases, ailments or medical conditions should never use the FIR heat without am approval from a physician. 
  • Newborns and infants should not use the heat or magnetism. Children may use the mat with caution only under supervision of adults on low heat modes or Negative Ions only.
  • Pregnant women should not use FIR mat in heating mode. 
  • One should not experience pain when using the mat. If pain occurs or is persistent, stop using the mat.
  • Anybody currently taking medications or undergoing medical treatments, radiation or chemotherapy should consult the physician before using the mat in heating mode.
  • Anybody with a fever should not use the mat in heating mode. Only the Negative Ions function can be used until the fever stops.
  • Anybody with fresh joint injuries or swollen hot joints should not use the FIR mat in heating mode.
  • Anyone with difficulty moving or changing positions should use Ereada® mat in the Negative Ions only mode unless under full supervision.

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