What is EMF elimination system and how it works?

The EMF elimination system of EREADA mats made by Hyundai Medical in Korea is similar to that of Biomats made by Richway  Fuji Bio and in Korea.

Protection of users from harmful EMF is provided by passive and active EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interception) technologies integrated into our Amethyst mats.  

The passive system consists of the double silicon and Teflon insulation and shielding of low emission titanium heating elements and the EMI layers of the mats with the copper fiber, carbon fiber, foil to control remaining EMFs on almost zero levels. 

 The active system includes special wires and a carbon layer catching the peak electric and magnetic waves. It works with the Controller AUTO EMI function, automatically detecting and transferring absorbed EMFs spikes into the wall socket ground or neutral pin for Earthing. This system is like a lighting rod safely conducting the EMFs into the ground. 

The measurement showed that even during the spikes, the intensity of the magnetic field was not more than 0.2-0.5 milliGauss (mG) which is less than typical in the home background (0.5-4 mG) and is generally considered safe for sleeping (less than 1 mG is recommended). 

The outlets, bi-metal switches, connectors, and controllers of all electrical appliances, including all brands of all hot stone mats, may emit relatively higher levels up to 4-8 mG. 

Though it is generally safe and falls to zero several inches away, if you are EMF oversensitive, it is better to keep the controller and connectors away from your head. 

Use the amethyst pillow or at least a regular one to avoid occasional contacts between your head and the mat connector near the logo on the top of the mat. Or you can lay on the mat with your feet towards the connector. 

If you are oversensitive to electrical waves and do not feel comfortable on the powered mat, eliminate exposure to any electricity just by preheating your stone mattress to the maximum temperature and unplug it from the power outlet before you lie on it. Hot crystals accumulate the warmth and will naturally release it without electric power.

It is the best practice for long all-night sessions to avoid dehydration "dry mouth" side-effects. Even after the mat cools down, it utilizes your body's warmth to emit infrared rays and negative ions naturally and safely.

Please, let me know if you have any more questions.

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