Benefits of PEMF

Currently, the benefits of PEMF therapy for osteoporosis are being studied. 

However, PEMF therapy has proven to be beneficial for people with other skeletal disorders. Many studies have been conducted before this conclusion. 

The most reliable by our opinion source of information about PEMF is Dr. Pawluk's website:

The effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields in the treatment of cervical osteoarthritis:

Magnetic therapy of musculoskeletal chronic pain and fibromyalgia

Study of PEMF efficiency for low back pain treatment

Spine fusion for discogenic low back pain with PEMF

Bones, joints stiffness and shoulders treatment with pulsed magnetic fields

Pulsed electromagnetic fields for knee osteoarthritis treatment

Back pain relief as one of the most exciting FIR therapy effect

Chronic Lower Backache treatment with FIR Heat

The research concludes that far-infrared rays could be considered an effective non-pharmacological choice for the therapeutic management of knee osteoarthritis.

In general, it is shown that Far Infrared Heat and use of IR sauna as treatment is feasible and well-tolerated in patients with inflammatory arthritis.

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