How to Fold & Care for Ereada Mat During Transport Moving

The main rule about folding the mat is to do it in the same seams where the mat was folded when delivered to you.

 Please put it on the floor with the side of the crystals on the top. Fold it carefully and not too tightly. Then put into the bag.

During transportation, make sure the controller is well secured. Avoid impacts or big pressure on the product. It is better to ship it in a hard-shell suitcase.

When you finish transportation, it is better to keep the mat flat secured in the cover on or under your bed. Avoid excessive pressure, sharp or heavy item, watering, and never heat it in a folded condition. Unplug from the power socket when you do not use it. Never use non-permeable toppers on the heating surface. Do not leave solid objects like books, laptops, etc., on the mat. These are the main recommendations. 

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