How To Preheat & Use Unplugged Mat if I am oversensitive

We make all Ereada® mats with zero EMF emission heating systems with twisted titanium wires.

If you test the mat while it is heating, you will not find more than 0,5 mG (usually 0-0.2 mG) on all the surfaces of the warming stone mattress. You can find more only around the two small 1-inch areas where bimetal switches are. The connector where the controller plug enters the heated stone mat also emits more EMFs. 

These areas may emit up to 2-4 mG, which is still on the safe side, but these parts play essential roles. Bimetals physically cut electricity if the mat starts to overheat and the controller's thermostats fail. It is vital for the user's safety, and these parts are so small and emit much less than any standard electrical device. 

Knowledgeable and professional manufacturers now install these bimetals sensors into all high-valued heating units directly contacting the body. Cheaper heating pads or electric blankets without this safety system sometimes cause burns or fires. Ereada® mat provides double protection and will never fire unless you cover it with a rubber or foam topper or solid material or heat in a bent in halves condition. 

However, even in this case, the warm stone mat will stop functioning when the bimetal system wears off. If your Amethyst mat is with the bio-magnetic PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic function) and you turn this feature ON and measure EMFs, you will mistake PEMF for EMF. 

Analog meters arm will go up and down, and K2 meter will blink with red light with the same frequency your PEMF function works. These meters detect the healing Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields of the ultra-very-low rates in the same manner as they identify the standard harmful EMFs. 

The maximum intensity of Ereada PEMF mats' magnetic pulsation coils rapidly changes from 0 mG to 100-300 Gauss several times per second and has excellent healing potential. It is 100.000-300.000 times more than the energy of harmful EMFs generated by the EMF-free electric heating systems of our mats, and so high-intensity magnetic waves significantly affect the meter's results. 

Purple and Gray Ereada mat magnetic coils pulsate 8-64 times per second or 8-64Hz. There are eight frequencies (8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64 Hz) and one auto-program randomly mixing different rates. Of course, there is a vast difference between the healthful ultra-low-frequency magnetic waves and harmful high frequency (kHz and MHz frequencies) electromagnetic fields emitted by microwaves and heaters, wireless equipment, etc. 

You may check for EMFs measurement with professional devices on the Ereada youtube channel. 

Ereada Amethyst Mat

There are EMF tests with the professional meter for different models of mats, but all of them share the same EMF-free heating system. Of course, if you are oversensitive and need to be free of any electromagnetic radiation, please do not use the PEMF function. Lay on the mat after you disconnect from the electrical outlet. 

Preheat the mat to the highest temperature under the thick blanket for 1-2 hours so that the stones accumulate a lot of heat, and then unplug the hot gemstone mat from the power socket. Lie on the surface of the crystals to get the maximum benefits ONLY by the heated stones natural Far Infrared Rays penetrative and pleasant warmth and refreshing Negative Ions.

The mattress should be hot or warm for at least an hour which is quite enough.

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