Is it necessary to protect scrotum, genitalia, testicles area while on FIR mat?

Patients without loss of temperature sensitivity should remember that some oversensitive to heat parts of their bodies should never be on the mat heating area unless the health professional prescribes it.
Head and face should always be out of the direct contact or influence of heating devices. Our brain is susceptible to heat and should be protected first of all. 
Also, if fertility is supported, it is better to avoid warming testicles and genitalia zones completely. 
Sleeping on the mat on low-level heat, a hot bath once in a while, or a hot shower shouldn't do any harm.
But applying heat directly to the testicular area by using a heating pad or infrared mat on high heat should be avoided in case it is not voluntary contraception (which also should be controlled by the health professional).
If you lay on your back, the Hot Stone Mat FIR radiant rays should not be able to penetrate deep enough to do any harm to the genital zone. 
It is important to protect the genitalia zone if you lay on the mat on your belly. 
Usually, two mats are used for the whole body experience, one under your leg zone and the other under your stomach, and you leave some space between them for the genitals.
You can use two mini mats for this procedure, or you can use one mini mat first under your legs and then under your upper body.
Or if you have a PRO mat, just turn it 90 degrees and lay so that either your legs are on the mat or your torso and heat them one after another.

Another possibility is to make a non-permeable for the FIR Rays screen.
It can be done with a towel folded many times and covered with several layers of standard aluminum foil. It helps for short procedures. You can use this screen under the genitals area in both positions - on the back and the belly.
A cooling pad can also be used inside the towel to absorb heating rays.
It is important to remind yourself to always check for a better position when you sit on the mat or lay on your belly simply because our body temperature sensors do not feel the penetrative radiant heating rays from hot crystals, same as we feel conductive heat.
Remember that your mat's temperature is adjustable, and you can use the level that works best for you.

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