How to check if PEMF is operational?

To allow our customers a simple check if the PEMF function is in working condition, we add a PEMF tester in the mat's set. It is a small plastic vial with a tiny metal cylinder inside. 

We cannot feel PEMF with our body's sensors, but when the PEMF function is ON, and you put the vial on the mat spot above the PEMF coil, the metal piece starts to move and rattle inside the bottle indicating that function is active.

This movement is the reaction of the static magnet inside the plastic container to the mat's coils magnetic field pulses. 

The magnetic field intensity reaches the maximum level above the coil and goes down to non-detectable by this simple tester in 6-8 inches. So to check if the coils are functioning, please find them with this testing device carrying it above the central mattress line while the PEMF is ON. Please check the PEMF function, moving the tester around the mat surface. There should be at least three PEMF Coils in the upper body part of the Ereada® Purple mat bigger than mini. The coils are usually situated along the middle line of the upper part of the amethyst mat closer to the Logo area at the same distance from the mat edges. 

The Summary of PEMF system testing is here:

EMF and EMF testing of Ereada Professional mats

The metal movement is more forceful when the tester is closer to the PEMF coils and diminishes with distance to zero as per the reverse square law. It does not mean that the magnetic field disappears, just that it becomes not detectable by the tester.

Please, check the PEMF testing video on the Ereada youtube channel. 

Purple Ereada® Amethyst Mats PEMF magnetic pulsation

The tester is on the previously found spot where the coil is. 

First, you need to activate the PEMF button, second, please press it repeatedly until it shows "Level 8" and the built-into controller PEMF tester indicator lamps start to blink.

Then find the PEMF modules. There are 3-5 PEMF coils (the mini mat has two, midsize - three, professional - four, single size - five loops) across the central line, in the middle part of the Amethyst mat.

Carry the vial tester half-inch above the mat until you find them.

The PEMF program cycles 20 minutes ON and 100 minutes OFF. It repeats four cycles if you set the timer for 8 hours or more extended sessions. When the PEMF function is ON, the tester will show a metal piece movement. If the program is activated, the PEMF function cycles between ON and OFF. The PEMF Indicator light may be ON during all this time (6 hours 20 minutes), but the PEMF is active only for 20 minutes every 2 hours. So the tester will react to magnetic pulsation only during those 20 minutes "active" cycles. <br /><br />To make sure PEMF is in the "active" phase, press the button just before testing.

Ereada® PEMF with new controllers offers a choice of frequencies. They function in the Ultra Very Low-Frequency range of magnetic pulsations between 8 and 64 Hz. There are nine pulsed magnetism settings in the new purple Ereada amethyst mats and controllers since 2019. You can select any of these nine settings by pressing the PEMF button repeatedly. The controller's screen will show for a moment the set PEMF level (1-9), then will switch to the temperature level set before (1-7). 

The PEMF indicator (built-in tester) will blink slowly or rapidly depending on the PEMF Level you set.

Level 1 is eight pulsations per second (8Hz) which is the natural level of the first harmonic Schumann resonance 

Level 2 is 16 pulsations per second (16 Hz)

Level 3 is 24 pulsations per second (24 Hz)

Level 4 is 32 pulsations per second (32 Hz)

Level 5 is 40 pulsations per second (40 Hz)

Level 6 is 48 pulsations per second (48 Hz)

Level 7 is 56 pulsations per second (56 Hz)

Level 8 is 64 pulsations per second (64 Hz)

Level 9 is the random program auto-changing frequencies in the range between 8 and 64 Hz every 1-2 seconds.

These mats also have twelve static (permanent) magnets in the lower body part. Static magnets generate magnetic fields independently from PEMF.

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