How to Store Large Mat on Bed & Sleep If Too Hard ?

Though the best way to store the mat is inside the zippered cover flat under your bed (if there is no base) or elsewhere, on the floor, it is difficult to remove such a heavy mat from your bed every evening.

The simple solution to sleep on your bed without folding and removing a large mat every evening is the mattress topper. 

The topper is a thin mattress made of memory foam, coconut shell, eggshell, down, and you can select the softness and thickness comfortable for you. It is usually 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) thick, and you can roll it. 

The topper weighs much less than the stone mat, and it is easier to remove the mattress topper for the time when you are going to use your device than to take the heated stone mat out of bed every evening to sleep on your regular mattress.

Of course, the mat should be OFF and unplugged from the wall socket when the topper is on it. It is not allowed to use the stone mat for heating with any foam, rubber, gel topper, solid objects, or too thick a layer of more than 1 inch (2-3 cm) of thick blankets on top.

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