How to Use Brown Ereada Mat Sweating Sauna?

Many customers use our heated Amethyst mats to get comfort and relaxation in the back and relieve tension. The larger heated stone mats are also excellent for sweating and detoxification.

Ereada® Brown mats tubes with amethyst crystals are made of luxury artificial suede, soft to touch, yet very durable. They are heat-resistant and highly stable against sweat. We use unique transparent film PU material for windows showing crystals. It is also heat-stable and sweat-resistant and will never deteriorate even if you heat it to 100°C or treat it with chemicals.

Of course, please never leave any rubber, foam, gel topper, solid objects, yoga mats, or thick pillow on the heated area of the amethyst mattress. It will block infrared heat and cause overheating and may damage any mattress and cause burns. So, please always take care that there is nothing non-permeable on the mat. 

Detoxification and deep heating mobilize a lot of erosive sweat. Our mats' sets include waterproof yet breathable covers to cushion the amethyst mat by a 3-dimensional air mesh layer and protect it from sweat and leaks with the TPU membrane. 

Ereada® protectors are one way permeable for FIR crystal rays and ions coming from the mat, but they block sweat, liquids, and smells coming from the body so that the stone mat remains clean and secure.

We always recommend starting with short sessions of 15-30 minutes to test how your body reacts. Be careful with your first procedures. Use a slow and continuous mode of increasing session intensity. Begin with temperature levels 1-2 as low as 96°–112°F (35°-45°C), and gradually increase the length and energy for several minutes and degrees every other day. After several days a higher temperature level or a more extended session can be tried. But remember to give yourself a rest to avoid thermotolerance. Using the mat every other day is enough for most folks.

Start LOW and move forward SLOW. And, of course, remember to get approval from a health professional. If any conditions are involved, it would be essential to have a doctor or a licensed alternative medicine therapist with good knowledge of the matter to give a piece of professional advice before using infrared heat on high levels.

Remember to drink a lot of water, fresh juices, or herbal teas. Replenish minerals to avoid becoming drained or dehydrated. When you start, it is essential to prevent overuse and low-temperature burns and safely get the first benefits without the risks of side effects from a "healing crisis." Hot teas encourage sweating, while cold drinks decrease your body core temperature. 

More liquids in the body promote detox on the cellular level and help all therapies be more efficient.

As soon as you are sure that your body reacts fine, you can use your mat as long as you like. Unless you have special needs, you can use it from a few times a week for 30 minutes to 12 hours daily, and it should be an enjoyable process. If you want an intensive sweating sauna-like detox, choose the maximum temperature suitable for your health and cover your body with a blanket or another mat. If you are looking for comfort, set the medium heat levels at around 112°–122°F (45°-50°C). If you are starting, 20 minutes may be enough. It also depends on the size of the mat you use; of course, larger mats have a more significant influence than mini pads. 

Some customers with weakness caused by hypothermia use FIR mats on slightly warm temperatures to revive and feel well again. Other people use amethyst heating mats from one hour at a high temperature to 12 hours on low warmth levels. Be sure that procedures are comfortable for you and bring about a better feeling and more energy.

Usually, the first aim is to create a feeling of relaxation. The standard procedure to relax is to have a short session before bed of about half an hour, starting at 40°-50°C, and then decreasing to the lowest levels of 30°-40°C. If these levels cause any lightheaded feeling or overstimulation, please set the temperature lower. You can even use the mat in unpowered mode. Especially in the summer, when it can absorb some excess heat from your body and naturally return it in the form of the crystal rays to those parts of your body which need better circulation.

The second target usually is to cause sweating, which is excellent for detoxifying the body. All intensive high heat procedures should be done with proper rehydration and electrolyte replenishment within the first half of the day. It may take up to an hour to preheat the mat under a thick blanket to a high heat level. Then you can lay on your back on an open mat, or with a thin protector or a towel on it, and cover yourself with a blanket. After the session, leave the carpet for a half-hour more while still heating to dry it out. If your body is not familiar with training and is not used to sweating, it may take a month or so before you sweat for the first time.

You may not start to sweat from the first procedure – but after several sessions, it should come. Drink many hot herbal teas (not cold drinks) before and during the session to accelerate sweating. When your body gets used to sweating, it will be more natural and comfortable to sweat voluntarily.

Most important is to listen to your body as you move forward. It is easy to overdo if you jump ahead too quickly. But the cumulative effects are much more desirable without the lightheadedness, dry mouth, or other side effects that can come with rapid detoxification. The maximum time for each heat level is not specified. It depends on the mat size, temperature level, age, health, body size and composition, and many other factors. The main rule is to start with low settings and gradually increase the intensity, length, and frequency of sessions.

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