What to do if controller beeps?

Controller errors usually take place when the connection between the mat and the controller interrupts.

A loose connection can cause a loss of signal exchange, and when too many errors accumulate, the controller's calibration may fail. The controller will show error messages or start to beep, or the mat will not heat up properly.

A poor connection is the most frequent reason for failures. Please try to reconnect the mat to the controller.

Usually, the easiest way to solve the problem is to disconnect the controller's plug from the socket first and then from the mat connection terminal.

When you disconnect the controller's plug from the mat, please always do it carefully with two hands. Hold the connector with one hand while the other hand should pull the plug.

Please, pull the plug carefully out of the connector on the mat.

Please, do not pull by wires or connection between the mat terminal and the controller plug may become loose, and it will cause errors and signal exchange loss in the future.

Please, check that the power outlet has electricity. Another device, like a phone charger, works well for it.

Then first, reconnect the controller to the mat tightly, and only after this plug it into the electricity socket again.

Please ensure you push the controller's plug all the way into the mat's receptacle socket so that it is snug tight with no space at all between the plug and the mat's socket.

Switch on the controller, set timer, and rotate the temperature dial to show the maximum level. Check other functions as well.

The weakened connector is another cause of a loose connection. 

If the mat does not start to heat, please check the backside of the mattress connector. If there is a sticker there, please remove it.

Please fasten the two screws with a screwdriver on the rear side of the mattress connector. There are three holes there, but we use only two screws. Please do not use the third screw in order not to damage wires inside the mat. 


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