Failure reasons

A frequent reason for the issues is controller fault due to power outages or voltage spikes. 

Please unplug the stone mat from the power outlet when you do not use it. When you use the pad during storms, connect it through a surge protector. Please do not leave the controller on the heating surface of the mat to avoid overheating and physical damage. Professionals often hang the controller on the wall so that it does not fall from the bed stand. If the cord is not long enough, use a high-quality thick extension cable to secure the controller from slipping when you move the stone mat. Falling, watering, overheating, impacts - all this can damage the controller.

Please never use the mat made for 110V in 220V countries and vice-versa.

You can use the product with 2-3 times the wattage of your product power transformer, converting voltage to an appropriate one at your own risk. We do not recommend such use because the voltage converters are often overrated and mislabeled. Still, even a short exposure of your product to the high voltage can damage both the mat and controller. It's vital to have both the stone mat and controller compatible with your country voltage. You can use a high-quality adapter if your product is of the same voltage as your country's power grid, but the controller's plug does not match your wall outlet. A socket adapter with a fuse, voltage relay, or surge suppressor would be the best choice.

Loose connection because of pulling controller by wires and connectors wearing may cause functionality errors. 

Please do not disconnect the mattress from the controller more frequently than necessary. Better to leave the stone mat and controller connected forever. Unplugging from the power socket is enough. Perform full reconnection only if the controller beeps or shows constant errors. If it does not help, check if the connector is fixed well on the mat. Remove the sticker on the rear side of the mat's connector (if available) and fasten screws with a screwdriver. If your controller has an in-line connector, make sure the pins go into holes, and you screw it tightly.

Excessive pressure on the warming stone mat, walking, standing, and exercising can damage inner electronics. 

The same may happen because of the impacts or sharp objects. Dogs, cats, children, water, controller left on top of the warming mat can damage temperature sensors inside. Use the warming mat only to lay on without too many movements or turns. Some customers with high weight and toss and turn from side to side way of sleeping may non-consciously apply excessive pressure on the mat. For example, if the customer leans his/her elbow on the mat spot exactly where one of the sensors or bimetal switches is situated, it can damage the interior connections. We design connection terminals to withstand some pressure. But it is still possible if the force is significant or repeats in the same spot, and the electrical connection gets weaker time after time.

Heating the gemstone mat in a bent or folded condition is not allowed. 

You can use only the chair mat with up to 90 degrees bending in the central line or special flexible pads to wrap your body. Please use the mats on a somewhat firm base such as your bed, mattress, massage table, or floor. To extend the mat's life, we recommend using it as flat as possible.

The majority of customers of professional and single-size mats and many owners of the midsize ones use them to sleep every night.

A small body shape curvature is a regular thing and should not be a reason for any problems. However, we do not recommend using the mat on a soft mattress if the customer's weight is so heavy that the body makes a pit inside the heating mat.

Please never cover the heated stone pad surface with camp mats, foam toppers, solid objects, rubber or gel mats, or other heat blocking layers. Do not put a pillow or a too thick layer of heavy blankets (thicker than 2-3 cm) on the heating surface. All this can damage the overheat protection system. Use the covers and 3-d air mesh pad included in the mat's set.

Please make sure you cover the heating surface ENTIRELY with our 3-D air-mesh pad or waterproof protector or not more than a one-inch thick layer of cotton towels. If you put the cover only on the part of the heated stone mat, it may disrupt the central controller chip and temperature sensors' functionality. Partial use of your mat's warming surface may also cause different measurements results in the various spots of your mat and controller failure.

Deep infrared heating can remove toxins with perspiration. The sweat may be erosive and can damage the upper layer within months or years. Please make sure you use your mat with a waterproof cover to protect it from sweat and spills. Please avoid watering the stone mat. If it's wet, make sure you dry it out completely before the next use. The covers will also protect your product from occasional physical damage. However, never lay on the mat in your casual clothes. Even the belt buckle of the keyring can damage the mesh top. The suede top layer is more substantial, but anyhow, it would be better to use pajamas or underwear when you are on the heated stone mattress.

 Please avoid storing your mat in a vertical or horizontal position against the wall. Do not fold it while still hot. Please fold the stone mat only in those lines where it was bent initially, and never apply excessive pressure during this process. Avoid folding too tightly, putting heavy or sharp items on top - all this can damage the mat. For longer life, better not to fold the heated stone mat frequently. We recommend keeping it flat and secured inside the waterproof protector on or under your bed when you do not use it.

Sometimes you have to remove the mat from your bed to change the bed linens. Please do not move the stone mat in a flat state from the bed to put it beneath or vice-versa. You can grasp the products in those spots where the inner connectors, bimetal switches, or temperature sensors are. In this case, the weight of the mat itself can pull the wires out of connectors. This force can damage the interior connection terminals. Please do not grasp the heated crystal mat near the connector. Do not pull it by the connector side. It is better to fold your stone mat first on the floor so that you could pick it up and put it on the bed without any risks of pulling inner wires. Then you can unfold the product. 

It's not a problem to lift small pads, but the large size stone mattress may be too heavy to fold and lift. Sliding the mat off the side of the bed, standing upright on its side, then laying flat on the floor may cause problems with the mat's connector if you grasp it or if the mat's connector side falls on the floor. But sliding should work fine if you take care to do it very slowly. If you have something soft, like carpets or pillows, please put it on the floor near your bed so that the mat is not damaged if it falls while you are sliding it down. Please move the gemstone mat off the side of the bed so that the connector side is on top. If you put it standing upright on the connector's side, it can damage the connector. When you put the mat back, pushing and pulling it up onto the bed, please hold the stone mat by the side without the connector. If you have enough power to lift the stone mat, please fold and unfold it before and after moving, as recommended in a point above.

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