My mat is hard, can I use a topper or something else to make it softer?

Amethyst crystals make our mats stiff and hard. It is great for short-term procedures as it gives some hot stones benefits but may cause some painful feelings if overused. 

If you would like to lie on the mat for a longer period of time or even sleep on your mat, it could be great to do it slowly by adapting your body to crystals pressure. So, the first rule is to start with shorter procedures and move forward slowly. 

No need to overstimulate your body from the very beginning. Instead, increase the intensity of pressure continuously. It demands a step-by-step increase when you lay or sleep on the mat, starting from half an hour and adding half an hour every other day, for example. If you feel pain, it means that you should decrease the time you spend on the mat. 

Another way to decrease the pressure from the mat is to use some topper, towels, blankets on the top of the included into the set Ereada® 3-D Pad to make the mat softer. 

Ereada® 3-D Pad is not just a cover; these new multiplayer protective Pads are made especially for the mats to eliminate extra pressure from the mat’s crystals and hot stones. Also, they are great to protect the mat from water spills, sweat, smell, dirt, bed mites, and bacteria by the built-in one-way permeable Dancel membrane (similar to Gore-tex used for alpine ski or sailors' suits) and special materials maintaining the surface dry. We recommend Ereada® Pads for sleeping on the mat or for extended time low-intensity sessions.

We have recently developed these new Pads for our mats with the main concentration on natural materials and great permeability.  We made it highly breathable, adding an ultrasonic quilted air layer material on the top for better FIR crystals rays and ions penetration and a special waterproof heat-stable membrane of a new generation. 

We made these new pads with 3-dimensional mesh technology similar to Richway Quantum Pad, just thinner but with an extra waterproof layer. We include it into our mats’ sets free of charge, while similar pads from other suppliers are rather expensive and can cost almost half the price of the mat.

Please, remember that these new models of Ereada® Pads are not washable. Just like the mat, the 3-D Pad can be disinfected once a week by leaving it for an hour on the mat on the highest heat setting. It should be enough to keep the protector clean. 

If washed, the top layer of this 3-D Pad can rip, but the Pad can still be used for its main function. The damage to the top layer does not prevent it from doing its job perfectly.

But to protect the Ereada® Pad and make your mat “softer," we recommend putting several layers of the cotton or bamboo sheets or towels or a special washable waterproof protective cover (also included into the set of Ereada® mat) on top of these Pads, especially if you use the mat for high heat procedures that make you sweat. 

The most useful part of Far Infrared Radiant crystal Heat will travel through the Ereada® Pad and the natural materials (cotton, bamboo, wool) topper and negative ions, and you will have more comfortable lying on the mat.  

Later, when your body gets used to the mat and crystals pressure, you can take away the extra layers one by one.

The towels and thin covers can be easily machine washed and dried. 

The special thin waterproof protective covers are also machine washable and protect both the FIR mat and the 3-D Pad.

They are breathable and permeable for ions, FIR Heat, Magnetic Waves, etc.

The bamboo or cotton towels, though they lack the waterproof barrier but will make your mat softer.

The sheets, towels, and thin covers can also be used on the top of the mat without Ereada® 3-D Padded Protector, especially for short time high heat sessions when full heating energy is desirable. 

As for our thicker 3-D pads (with possible extra towels/sheets/covers on the top) are better for longer non-intensive procedures when it is important to have a soft but permeable cushion on the mat to avoid overstimulation or even pain which the crystals and stones can cause.

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