Which pillow is better HARD or SOFT?

All of the pillows are specially designed to be used with FIR mats and for short procedures before sleeping (harder one) or as a separate pillow just for sleeping and relaxation (softer ones).

To provide better head and neck elevated position during FIR heat sessions on hot stone mats, the pillows are supposed to be HARD. They are not built for comfort or long procedures. 

Of course, everybody is different, and some customers may sleep on them from the first day, but the majority use them occasionally for a short time.

For long use, sleeping or relaxation, if you need to make the pillow really soft, the best solution would be to have the cover with crystals removed from the pillow insert (there is a zipper on the back) and put it onto your standard pillow for a comfortable all night sleeping.

Or you may choose a SOFT memory foam gemstone pillow.

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