What are the main differences in effects between Mini mat and Professional?

The Mini mats and belts (micro pads) are great for local use when you need to apply crystal rays to some area of your body (back or legs most frequently).

You can get the whole body experience from one mini mat. Just put it first under your back and after some time under your legs. It will take more time than if you were using just one large mat. But you will be able to control what zones of your body are on the mat, as well as put it on your belly if needed.

So, it can be used for high heat sessions, but it takes more time to start sweating.

The Pro size is better for the whole body experience and is also a choice of professionals as it fits the standard massage table. 

The Midsize/Compact (24”x59”) works fine for not too tall folks. 

All mats can be used for sleeping, but the Professional and especially Single or Double Size mats work the best. 

Some customers also use the Mini mat to cover themselves while lying on a bigger mat. Extra care and professional supervision may be recommended for such intensive sessions.

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