I have a small dog and my old cat both sleeping next to me. Is it safe for them to sleep on the mat?

The dogs have higher body temperature than humans and better thermoregulation because their skin and hair help insulate the body if necessary (same refers to cats).

Old dogs and cats adore mats and love to be on them; make sure that your pet does not scrap or bite it or damage it in any other way.

We usually recommend NON-POWERED, NON-ELECTRIC mats for pets. 

Such non-electric, non-powered mats with crystals are sold without functioning heating systems inside, without controller or accessories at approximately 25-30% of the initial price.

The weight and the appearance of an unpowered mat are the same as an electric one. 

Many customers use such crystals mats or blankets without heating for more relaxing and restful all-night sleep to have a more positive emotional state.

The crystals forming the whole upper surface of the mat naturally release Far-infrared rays safely and delicately. So, such mats still work but, of course, without high heat energy release as necessary for detox. 

The gems absorb the excessive heat from the overheated zones of your pet's body and return it to those areas that need more warmth. So, these mats use the body's natural heat to generate FIR rays and provide the amethyst effects in pure natural form. 

Crystals also emit negative Ions in a natural way upon distortion caused by heat or pressure. Such ions are still better absorbed than those generated by air ionizers. 

You will have a cooling effect in summer and warming in winter, soothing and relaxing the whole year.

You can also use such a mat as a heating one if you apply exterior heat (preheating it with an electric blanket, for example).

On a sunny day, you can preheat the mat under direct sun rays. Amethyst will absorb solar energy and become really hot. It can become even more heated than when you use the electrical heating system.

Other ways to use the non-powered mats are all those activities that are not allowed for electric ones (in order not to damage tiny parts inside the mat layer).

  • to bend, wrap and cover your body
  • to play, step, dance, run, train or apply pressure
  • for practice active yoga exercise 
  • for underwater in-pool use
  • The prices, including 48 states free delivery for the unpowered Ereada®  amethyst mats:

    Mini-mat        20" x32" $110

    Midsize          24" x59" $190

    Professional  29"x73”   $250

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