Can I use my Ereada® mat for every night sleeping?

Ereada® amethyst mats are great for sleeping on them ever night and many customers use them this way.

The most important is to avoid overheating. 

These FIR hot stone mats do not work like conventional heating pads or electric blankets. The majority of the mat energy is generated in the form of Far Infrared Rays heat especially on low levels. It is transferred mainly by radiation like sun rays, not by conduction like a cup of hot coffee does (really ceramic cup also radiates infrared heat but with less efficiency and with other wavelengths). If you put a thick towel or blanket layer on the heating pad or the electric blanket it will isolate most of heat. But if you cover the FIR mat you will lose some portion of conductive heat (20-40% depending on mat temperature, lower the temperature, lower the ratio of conductive heat) only, the Infrared Rays, however, will still penetrate through the towels, blankets or covers.

FIR crystal mats do not heat the ambient air surrounding the mat like the standard heating pads do. Standard heating pads are hotter to touch. Amethyst mat will feel warm to touch even on the highest settings, even though the heat sensor might indicate high. Our skin sensors can easily detect the high temperature caused by the standard conduction heat but we feel the effects of radiant Infrared Heat a little later. So the mat should be used on much lower "sensible" temperature than the standard heating pads and demands extra care especially for all night use. Especially, it refers to the bigger size mats which are very powerful and may cause  buzz effects if overused. Please, use the mat only on the lowest setting while sleeping.

The standard session is to have short before bed relaxing session for about half an hour on levels 3-4 (of 7 max) + Negative Potential mode on big mats or 45-50C on mini mats and then decreasing to the lowest levels 1-2 or 30-40C on Mini. If these levels cause some buzz feeling or overstimulation, the temperature should be set on the lowest levels or you could use the mat in unpowered mode. Especially it’s good in summer when it can absorb some excessive heat from your body.

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