Important Steps to Start Using Your Mat Correctly

  1. When you get the box with your mat, if it is too cold or too hot or wet outside, please, keep the mat inside for an hour to adjust to room temperature before connecting to the power socket. Put the mat on the floor, bed, or another flat surface with crystals upwards.
  2. Please, study the User Guide included in the Mat's set before first use. Be sure to consult your health professional if you had any restrictions and that you do not have contraindications. The Mat is easy to operate but there is a lot of safety information and different useful tips there that may help you get more benefits and facilitate the turning curve. Please, use the link 2017 Ereada FIR Amethyst Mats, Bio Magnetic Mats, Bio Photon Mats complete Catalog, and User Guide to download the Ereada Mat Owner Guide so that you could get familiar with your mat before receiving it.
  3. Our mats are made for U.S. electricity, 110-120V/60Hz, with plugs for a standard U.S. grounded socket.
    We have a lot of customers successfully using our products in Europe, the UK, Israel, Russia, HK, Korea, and even Australia with 220-250V/50Hz. You HAVE to use special step-down power transformers and units that convert  220-240V to 110-120V. Remember that the power of the converter should be at least twice the mat’s power consumption. IF THE MAT IS CONNECTED TO THE 220-250V POWER SOCKET THROUGH A PLAIN ADAPTER, IT WILL BE DAMAGED.
  4. If your area is subject to frequent electrical blackouts or power spikes, it could be better to connect the device to electricity through surge protection, AVR, or UPS device similar to that one that protects computers or refrigerators. It will protect the controller from the power surge caused by faults.
  5. The next step is to test the mat at the highest temperature level ( level 7 / 70o C equal to 158o F) for 2-3 hours. This will help also for the fabric smells and other layers remaining volatile particles to go away. Our mats are made from the highest quality and zero-emission materials but it is still better to have done. 
  6. EREADA mats have special layers in the bottom reflecting heat upwards. But if you use your mat on the hardwood floor or on the memory foam mattress it may be better to put the towel under the mat to dissipate any remaining heat. 
  7. It usually takes around 30-45 minutes for the Mat to reach the maximum level if you put a thick protector with a 3-D Pad or a blanket on top. Then heating stops and resumes when the mat cools a little and so on to maintain the temperature of EMF Free electric heating elements on the set level. During this time the gems become very warm and they start to emit warmth in the form of radiant Far Infra-Red rays. The surface temperature of the Mat ( under the 3-D Protector Pad ) is not so hot to touch. Usually, it is around 110-120˚F on the maximum level because when preheated Amethyst crystals transfer the most part of the mat energy in the form of Far Infrared Rays. Hot crystals radiate heat very quickly. If you keep your Mat open without a protector pad on it, the heat is lost. If you do not lie down on the Mat the heat from the stones will be radiated and dissipate. if the Mat is uncovered and the ambient temperature is low or the airflow is high, it may cool the Mat fast. The temperature drop when you stand up from the mat is quite normal. The heating system will heat the mat back to set level soon. But the energy is there. If you lie on the mat or put the Pillow and measure the surface temperature immediately after you stand up or remove the pillow it may reach 150-160˚F.
  8. The top of the mat with Ereada Logo on it is not a heated area but this and other non-heated areas of the mat still have anion layers to generate negative ions. 
  9. NEVER cover the mat with anything but the covers provided with it or towels, sheets, and blankets made from natural materials (like cotton, bamboo). The material has to be permeable to FIR rays. If the material is not permeable (rubber), the FIR heat will be trapped, the mat could overheat and even burn. Some examples of objects that are not allowed on top of the mat can be - controllers, thick pillows, books, yoga, and camping mats. So, for your own safety, please, never keep or put anything on the mat besides permeable covers. Only your body can be on the mat. 
  10. Due to the artisan nature of the mat making process there is some difference between the mats for the maximum temperature they may reach in the same conditions. if the mat is covered the max level may be in the range of 66-72o C ( displayed by mini mat controller or measured during “under pillow experiment"  ) which is quite normal
  11. Due to some electrical safety limitations of the heating systems the end lines with Amethyst are not exposed to direct heating and will not be as warm as other ones. This area gets indirect heat from the neighbour stone tubes if the mat is hot for some time. It is quite normal to feel some difference.
  12. Do not machine wash or dry the Multilayer Waterproof Protector with 3-D Pad, TPU Membrane, and top perforated bamboo air layer with Ereada Logo. Carefully hand wash and air dry it if necessary. The Pad can be disinfected by leaving it on the mat once a week for one hour on high heat. You can also use machine-washable cotton, bamboo towel, or a thin Waterproof Cover on the top for better durability and a softer experience. 
  13. Use a slow and continuous mode of increasing session intensity. Begin with the low-temperature levels and short time sessions of half-hour or less and gradually increase the length and intensity. Drink a lot of water and replenish minerals to avoid the drained or dehydrated condition. Begin with the low-temperature levels 1-2 of 35-45 C and short time sessions of 20-30 minutes or less and gradually increase the length and intensity so that you feel comfortable and refreshed. Remember to drink enough water, juices, and electrolytes. 3 times a week is a good starting point to use your mat. If you feel well and comfortable you may use it longer and more frequently. Add PEMF and Photon lights. One 20 min PEMF cycle and 1 hour Red Light Photon cycle are enough to start.
  14. Midsize and bigger mats are great for sleeping. Just be sure that the heat level is on the safer lowest levels 1-2 ( 30-40C ) or use the mat unpowered or in Negative Ions only mode for night time. Do not use high heat when you go to bed. Do not rely on the controller solely. Some customers chose to connect the mat through another timer plugged into socket for double safety in order not to fall asleep on the hot mat and dehydrate. Take extra care during night use and keep to only low heat settings.
  15. It's always recommended to consult your doctor first and especially if you have any chronic disease. Even if your health professional is not familiar with hot crystal FIR, Magnetism, or Red Lights, the doctors usually can give good advice about how such or similar well-known technologies. Please, study the good contraindications section of your owner’s guide before beginning to use your mat as well.
  16. Do not put the controller on the hot mat. Never fold the mat while hot, never heat it in a folded condition, remember that only the mini mat (20x32") can be bent up to 90o degrees while heating. Avoid spills, impacts, walking, active exercising on the mat, or putting heavy objects in order not to damage the inner sensors and heating system. 
  17. Always fold the mat correctly, same as it was folded when you received it with the top surface with crystals upside. If the mat is folded in the wrong direction it may be damaged.
  18. If your mat controllers show mistakes, beeps or the mat does not heat up properly sometimes the most frequent causes for the problem is a poor connection between the controller and the mat or incorrect order of connection. The plug with the connector from the controller to the mat terminal socket should be connected TIGHTLY and before connecting the controller to the power socket. The easiest way to solve the problem is to disconnect the plug of the controller from the socket first and then from the mat connection terminal. Then first reconnect the mat tightly and then plug it into the electricity socket again. Be sure that the socket has electrical power, it can be tested by any other device. Do not use GFCI protected power outlets if they were pop-up when the mat is ON. Ereada Mats are grounded and eliminates some EMFs into the ground plug of the wall socket like a lighting rode. Some of the GFCI protected outlets may consider such small electric waves as a sign of a short circuit and will auto switch off the socket.
  19. Always first disconnect the mat controller plug from the wall socket and only after this disconnect the controller from the mat if necessary and firmly holding the controller plug and mat connector by both hands. And always connect first your controller to the mat terminal and only after this plug the controller into the power socket. Disconnect the controller plug from the wall power socket when you do not use the mat. No need to disconnect the controller from the mat frequently. A connection must be tight and if you disconnect a lot it may become loose. Please, do not store your mat in a vertical position along the wall.
  20. Do not look directly for a long time at the Red Light generated from LEDs of the mat's photon system without protective eyeglasses. Any bright light can be dangerous for our eyes. 
  21. Magnetism can damage hardware storing information. Avoid placing credit cards, phones, USB drives, and other similar items on the Mats with bio-magnetic function.
  22. Sometimes when the mat starts to heat some humming or buzz noise can be heard from the controller which is quite normal. But in case the noise gets stronger or you feel any smell or other signs of the possible controller or mat failure, please, stop using the mat and contact our customer support.
  23. It is OK for the controller to warm up a little when the mat is on the highest heat level and other functions are ON. But it is not normal if the controller gets really hot or you feel any smell. Please, turn off the mat and contact us for a free replacement. Please, remember not to put the controller on the mat even if the mat is cold. It may heat up and damage the controller.
  24. It is very important that you cover the mat completely while preheating it. If you cover the mat partially the temperature sensors positioned in the different layers of the mat around all the surface will report different and controversial measurements to the main controller. Finally, the controller may lose calibration and start to work incorrectly or malfunction. So, please, always cover the mat completely while it is preheating to set level.
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