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All of the Pillows are specially designed to be used with our FIR Mats and for short procedures before sleeping (harder ones) or separate items just for sleeping (softer ones).

All Ereada Pillows we carry are un-powered, non-electric. It is not safe to heat the head, and we do not manufacture heating pillows.  

The pillow consists of 2 parts; the insert made of unique heat resistant HARD foam for FIRM cervical support and the most valuable part of the Ereada@ Amethyst pillow, the cover with precious natural tumbled crystals of Amethyst or other gems infused along the whole length of the pillowcase. The crystals forming the entire upper surface of the pillows naturally release Far-infrared Rays and Negative Ions safely and delicately.

The gems can absorb the excessive heat from the too hot zones of your head and return it to those areas which need more warmth.

So even without the mats, these pillows use the natural heat of our body to generate FIR rays and provide the amethyst effects in pure natural form. 

Crystals also emit negative Ions in a much more natural way upon distortion caused by heat or pressure. The tissues better absorb such ions than those generated by air ionizers. 

You will have a cooling effect in summer and warming in winter, soothing and relaxing the whole year.

The Pillows are beneficial for FIR Mat procedures. They provide better head and neck elevated position during FIR heat sessions on hot stone mats and pads. They can also protect your head from heat and absorb it from the Amethyst mat and radiate it in a lower, more natural way for the neck and head. The Pillows also provide some distance between your head and the electrical connector on the warming mat.

We developed a particular Fitted White Multilayer sweat absorption and Waterproof cover with breathable TPU membrane for our Pillows.

We try to add this cover to all pillows sets free of charge, but some pillows still may be delivered without the covers. 

If there is no one in the set, you can cushion the pillow and eliminate the crystals’ pressure with a cotton towel or several standard white pillowcases made of cotton.

Later, when we have them in stock, you will be able to buy the waterproof pillowcase or even get it free of charge; contact us.

Please, do not be confused if you receive your pillow with this white Protective Cover on it. It is shipped on the pillow for better protection of the valuable cover with crystals. Just remove the white coat with a zipper on the bottom, and you will find precisely that pillow that you ordered. 

The cover or the towel on the pillow is necessary only in the beginning. Later, as soon as your head gets used to the crystals pressure, you can use the Amethyst cushion without the thick covers, especially for sleeping or low intensive sweat sessions.


Hard Pillows are sturdy and are not intended for relaxation or sleeping (though some customers do it). It is necessary if you have a particular need for a very firm, supportive contour pillow. These pillows are available in D-Shape (Half Roll or Mini Pillow) or B-Shape (Standard pillow with two supportive lobes of different height).

The pillows’ hardness is relative. If your pillow is too hard for you, remember, please, that you can remove the foam insert and replace it with a regular sleeping pillow or shredded memory foam like that used for expensive bean bag filling. Other examples of functional soft fillers are the 3-D Air-Mesh or Eggshell Pad breathable materials. Both of them are available on Amazon. 


SOFT contour pillows with crystals can be used both with and without the mats. They are more comfortable for long sessions, but they do not provide the same FIRM cervical support as the HARD ones.

Some folks use SOFT pillows for more relaxing and restful all-night sleep to have a more positive emotional state or for short half-hour sessions before sleeping to relax. 


In other words, if you need to make it soft, the best solution would be to have the cover with crystals taken from the pillow insert. (there is a zipper on the backside of the cover) and put inside this cover your regular sleeping pillow or, if it does not match, some filling material for comfortable all-night sleeping or extended sessions. 

Our customers used the fillers from the sleeping pillows or 3-D air-mesh pads to make an insert for the Gemstone Pillow. Other functional materials available on Amazon are shredded memory foam or eggshell pad materials.

This information comes from our customer reviews and feedbacks. Other customers could repeat their experience. 

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