What is the construction difference of Ereada® mats and other heating mats with hot stones ?

All high-quality FIR heating pads with crystals and gemstones are made basically the same way. They have 15-20 different layers. However, small differences in mats’ layers don’t really affect the functionality. 

The main difference is in the quality of those layers. The mats made in Korea can serve you for a lifetime because they have heavy-duty layers, while some brands from China use low-quality layers. 

We know that some infrared mats made in China, such as Medicrystal, ThermoGem, Healthyline, UTK, Therasage, Charmed, are of rather good quality. Still, all these mats have only been in the market for several years while Korean manufacturers Hyundai Co, Richway and Life, Nugabest, Ceragem invented these mats and manufacturing them for more than 20 years. Many of the first models are still in operation. 

While good quality mats made in China under U.S. brands' quality control are OK for home use, Korean mats are usually a better choice for professionals using them daily for 8-12 hours.

If we speak about low-priced no-name made in China hot stone heating pads, they should be avoided because of hazardous materials, smell, high harmful EMFs, fake gemstones, no warranty. 

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