Ereada Gray Compact, Pro, Single Mats Controller

The mat has seven levels of heat on the controller.  

Level 1 is 86°F or 30°C ( used for Negative Ions and Potential, all-night sleep low heat mode ) 
Level 2 is 98°F or 36°C ( Low mode ) 
Level 3 is 110°F or 43°C ( Low, medium mode ) 
Level 4 is 120F or 49C ( Medium mode ) 
Level 5 is 133°F or 56°C ( Medium-High mode ) 
Level 6 is 145°F or 63°C ( High mode ) 
Level 7 is 158°F or 70°C ( Highest mode )
  • PEMF is activated by the PEMF button for 20 minutes each 2 hours, so during 8 hours, you have four cycles of 20 minutes each. 
  • If you would like to use PEMF continuously (30-60 minutes), you need to manually reactivate the PEMF function by pressing the appropriate button every 20 minutes when it stops. But it is not recommended to use PEMF continuously for more than 30 minutes during the use of heating function at higher than 2nd or 3rd level.
You can use the mat in several modes all together or each separately:
  1. Only Heat/FIR
  2. PEMF 
  3. Air Ion
  4. Combination of Air Ion, PEMF, and Far-Infrared Light together
If you are falling asleep, the best way to use it is to choose 1-2 low FIR Heat levels before going to bed. 
If you feel that 8 hours is too much, please use an external timer. A heavy-duty one with a built-in surge protector may be the right choice for double protection in the nighttime. 

Old mats had only one 50-60 Hz frequency setting. Newer mat controllers offer a choice of PEMF frequencies. They function in the Ultra Very Low-Frequency range of magnetic pulsations between 8 and 64 Hz. 

There are nine pulsed magnetism settings in the new purple Ereada amethyst mats and controllers since 2019.  You can select any of these nine settings by pressing the PEMF button repeatedly. The controller's screen will show for a moment the set PEMF level (1-9), then will switch to the temperature level set before (1-7).

Level 1 is eight pulsations per second (8Hz), which is the first harmonic Schumann resonance. 

Level 2 is 16 pulsations per second (16 Hz)

Level 3 is 24 pulsations per second (24 Hz)

Level 4 is 32 pulsations per second (32 Hz)

Level 5 is 40 pulsations per second (40 Hz)

Level 6 is 48 pulsations per second (48 Hz)

Level 7 is 56 pulsations per second (56 Hz)

Level 8 is 64 pulsations per second (64 Hz)

Level 9 is the random program auto-changing frequencies between 8 and 64 Hz every 1-2 seconds.

The PEMF program cycles 20 minutes ON and 100 minutes OFF. 

It repeats four cycles if you set the timer for 8 hours or more extended sessions.

The gauss output for the PEMF is 100 to 400 Gauss depending on the frequency (higher frequency -> higher gauss). Static magnets have 300 gauss output if measured directly on the magnet or coil. 

There were three PEMF Coils in the upper body part of the mat on the older model lines of Ereada® Purple and mixed Gemstones mats bigger than mini size.

In the second half of 2019, the model lines of Gray and Purple mats will have the following number of PEMF coils:

Mini mat 20"x32" - Two Coils

Midsize mat 24"x59" - Three Coils

Professional mat 29"x73" - Four Coils

Single size mat 35"x75" - Five Coils

Magnetic Field disappears with distance as per the reverse square law. The intensity goes down in direct proportion to the square of the distance from the coils.

So more powerful PEMF produces a better overall effect. The higher number of magnetism coils do a better job generating a more uniform field above the mat surface.

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