Ereada Brown Mini Mat Controller without NP function

This controller allows adjusting the heat on the controller from 68°F or 20°C to 158°F or 70°C with a step of one degree Celsius. 
Level 1 is 86°F or 30°C ( used for Negative Ions and Potential, all-night sleep low heat mode ) 
Level 2 is 98°F or 36°C ( Low mode ) 
Level 3 is 110°F or 43°C ( Low, medium mode ) 
Level 4 is 120F or 49C ( Medium mode ) 
Level 5 is 133°F or 56°C ( Medium-High mode ) 
Level 6 is 145°F or 63°C ( High mode ) 
Level 7 is 158°F or 70°C ( Highest mode )
  • Negative Ions are always generated by crystals and anion fabrics upon heat distortion. 
  • The controller has two timer settings of one or eight hours. It will stop heating when the time set is over.
  • If you are falling asleep, the best way to use it is to choose 1-2 low FIR Heat levels before going to bed. 
  • If you feel that 8 hours is too much, please use an external timer. A heavy-duty one with a built-in surge protector may be the right choice for double protection in the nighttime. 

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