Ereada Purple Mini Mat Controller

The controller allows selecting seven levels of heat on the controller.   

Level 1 is 86°F or 30°C ( used for Negative Ions and Potential, all-night sleep low heat mode )  
Level 2 is 98°F or 36°C ( Low mode )  
Level 3 is 110°F or 43°C ( Low, medium mode )  
Level 4 is 120F or 49C ( Medium mode )  
Level 5 is 133°F or 56°C ( Medium-High mode )  
Level 6 is 145°F or 63°C ( High mode )  
Level 7 is 158°F or 70°C ( Highest mode )
  • Red Light is activated by the Photon button for 1 hour every 4 hours, so during 8 hours, you have two cycles of 1 hour each. It is quite enough for stimulation. After one hour, the red light will switch itself off. In 4 hours, it will resume. In 1 more hour, it will switch off again.
  • You can also manually deactivate the Photon function any time, and in this case, cycling will be interrupted. Or you can re-activate it, and the lights will be ON.
  • Static magnets in the leg zone are always ON and work without electricity-generating the powerful 300 gauss intensity permanent magnetic field. Purple Mini mats have twelve static (permanent) magnets distributed throughout the mat. 
  • Magnetic Field disappears with distance as per the reverse square law. The intensity goes down in direct proportion to the square of the distance from the coils. 
  • Negative Ions are always generated by crystals and anion fabrics upon heat distortion. 
  • The controller has a built-in eight hours auto-timer feature. It will stop heating when the time set is over.
You can use the mat in several modes all together or each separately:
  1. Red Light, Static Magnetic Field, and Negative Ions
  2. Heat/FIR, Static Magnetic Field, and Negative Ions
  3. Only Static Magnetic Field and Negative Ions
  4. Combination of Red Light, Static Magnetic Field, Negative Ions and Far Infrared Light together
If you are falling asleep, the best way to use it is to turn off the Photon function (so it does not wake you up when the Red Light resumes in 4 hours). But most important is to choose 1-2 low levels of FIR heat before going to bed. 
If you feel that 8 hours is too much, please use an external timer. A heavy-duty one with a built-in surge protector may be the right choice for double protection in the nighttime. 

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