Brown Ereada Mini Mat

EREADA mats are original Korean products. 
They are heavier than mats of other brands to generate deeper penetrating FIR heat and Negative Ions.
It is excellent for regular use to relax and reenergize even without heating.
You can use the Mini mat for sleeping. Just be sure that the heat level is on the lowest 1-2 levels (shown as 30-40 C) when the Amethyst mat produces mainly Negative Ions. It is the best tactic for night time in order not to fall asleep on the hot mat and dehydrate.
If you have any particular question about the efficiency of Far Infra-Red Heat, please, look through our mats or biomats reviews on Amazon or Google.  
Since 2019 the NP function is available on all of the Brown Ereada® mini mats.

The Mat set Includes:
  1. Ereada Amethyst Mat
  2. Controller with terminal and plug wires
  3. Waterproof but FIR and Ions Permeable Thick Protector Pad (non-washable) and Thin Waterproof protector (washable)  for use on top of your Mat
  4. Bag for storage and carrying the mat
  5. Owner's Guide
When you receive your item, please take a moment to verify that it was not damaged in transit. Carefully unpack the box and check if everything is included and in due condition. If you discover that anything was not added into the set, or there is any other reason that you wouldn't rate this as a 5-star experience, please contact us right away, so that we can resolve the issue as fast as possible.
We developed a family of particular Multilayer Waterproof covers with breathable TPU membrane for our Mats. 
Please, do not be confused if you receive your mat with the white Protective Cover on it.  The cover is shipped on the Amethyst mat to protect it during delivery. Just remove the white cover with zipper on the sides, corner straps or elastic skirt, and you will find precisely that mat which you ordered beneath. 

The mat has adjustable heat on the controller displayed in Celsius Degrees and regulated with 1-degree increment by the temperature dial.
When you rotate this dial for a moment, the temperature display shows set temperature and then returns to show the current temperature. 

The mat's hot stones naturally release FIR Heat and Negative ions by all the surface with crystals. There are additional Negative Ions layers also in the LOGO part of the mat.

If you are falling asleep, the best way to use is to turn off the mat or to chose 1-2 low level of FIR Heat before going to bed. 
There are two timer settings for 1 and 8 hours. If you feel that 1 hour is not enough but 8 hours is too much, use an external timer. A heavy duty one with a built-in surge protector may be the right choice for double protection in the night time. 
It is OK for the controller to warm up a little when the mat is heating and the N.P. function is activated. 

We recommended using the N.P. function of mini mats only on low heat settings or without heat at all. 

If you would like to use both N.P. and FIR heat you can also do it sequentially. Start with N.P. 30 minutes procedure and after this switch your mat into heating up mode, or turn N.P. ON when the Amethyst mat starts to cool down.

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