My mat is not heating. What should I do?

The most frequent cause of the problem is a poor connection. 

The plug with the connector from the controller to the mat terminal socket should be connected tightly. The easiest way to solve the problem is to disconnect the controller's plug from the socket first and then from the mat connection terminal. Then first, reconnect the mat tightly and then plug it into the power socket again. 

Be sure that the socket has electrical power; any other device can test it. 

But if reconnection to the operational power socket does not improve the situation, it means that the problem is either with the controller (more probable) or with the mat’s inner heating system or temperature sensors. 

Such issues, unfortunately, can happen from improper use (standing, dancing on the mat, heating in folded condition). 

Sometimes the power spikes can be the reason for such faults, and for better durability, it is better to connect the mat through a voltage regulator or surge suppressor. 

Please, contact us if troubleshooting did not help.

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