Ereada Mat Layers and Functions

  • Far InfraRed Light is the Sun’s spectrum most energizing radiant heat.
  • Red Light is the Sun’s non-heating 660 nm wavelength visible light rejuvenating the look of skin*.
  • Deep Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are amplified and structured in the Ereada® Mat by releasing Amethyst "superconductor” power absorbed during millions of years from the Earth and minerals.
  • The essential elements of Mountain Air and Waterfalls are Negative Ions which are delivered by the mat directly, not through the air.
  • Magnets concentrating the invisible but easily detectable forces of Earth and metals have been used for their powerful properties since ancient times. Low-frequency Magnetism pulsation or PEMF is a modern application of this power, widely used in Europe and Asia*.

All five key components of these natural powers are synergized in one unique application to multiplicate benefits.

The main part of the Ereada® mats 17 layers system is the semi-precious crystal layer forming all the mat's surface.

To increase Far InfraRed Radiant Heat output, Ereada® mats are built with up to 30% more natural untreated purple Amethyst crystals than any other Amethyst mats of the same size.

The FIR rays generated by the heating layers are refracted and structured by the Amethyst and other Crystals and Bio Ceramics to penetrate up to 6 inches (15 cm) deep.

These rays are called «Crystal Rays» because they come in the isolated most absorbable wavelength range between 4 and 16 microns.

All mats come with the most advanced EMF-free (less than 2 mG) electrical heating system with double-shielded 24-wires twisted titanium elements in double silicon and Teflon insulation.

The heat is adjustable in the range between 86° and 158°F (30°-70°C) and is emitted in the form of Far- and Mid-InfraRed rays with 93% efficiency. All mats have a built-in overheat protection layer and a uniform heating layer to keep users safe and provide a consistent warming experience.

Several unique layers are specifically added into the mat construction to generate 1000-1500 negative ions per cc. Anions are known for encouraging relaxation while the InfraRed rays create intense deep impact heat, supporting both the body and mind on a path to improved well-being.

Optional Permanent Static Magnets, Pulsation Magnetic Fields, and Red Light Photonic functions make our mats truly unique yet affordable for home and professional use.

*Ereada® mats are great for general wellness. They awaken the restfulness, comfort and invigoration, powers, and energies and become an essential part of your healthy lifestyle. Ereada® mats may help supplement your lifestyle, but they are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition or substitute medical treatment of any kind or affect the structure any function of the body. Please, see the Legal Disclaimer section for more information.

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