Why Choose Ereada?

1. Ereada® Mats are manufactured in Korea.

Our products are very durable. They are built with industrial-grade materials such as the most expensive and reliable low EMF 64-wire twisted titanium heating systems with double silicon and Teflon insulation.

Ereada® mats are suitable for heavy-duty professional use. Their estimated life is more than 10 years and many mats made by our manufacturer 20 years ago are still in use. It reaches the best industrial standards and significantly exceeds the life expectancy of the hot stone mats made in China, recommended for home use only.

The KFDA, GMP, ISO make all our mats, CE registered facility of Hyundai company division with almost 20 years of manufacturing experience.

Purchasing Ereada® amethyst mattress with crystals and gemstones, you receive the original Korean quality where these mats were invented and used long before they came to both China and U.S. markets.

2. Unique Negative Potential (N.P.) Function

The voltage of healthy cells is about -70 millivolts. The greatest advantage of Ereada mats is that in addition to Negative ion emission layers, our Rich Brown Amethyst mats (Midsize and bigger) and Gemstone mats are equipped with an advanced Negative Potential (N.P.) generation system also called High Potential Electro Static therapy. N.P. creates an Electrostatic Field with 600 volts of Negative Potential converted at low speed into DC energy through the special Silver Fiber layer.

N.P. quickly restores the natural electrical fields that surround us and exist inside our bodies. It is the most powerful technology for inducing negative ions in amounts sufficient to alkalize.

N.P. a function is available only on the FIR mats manufactured in Korea by Hyundai or on special electrostatic therapy devices.

Negative Potential generation acts synergistically with the Negative Ion function in maintaining energy potential at the optimal level and providing multiple benefits well known by practitioners and enthusiasts. It is also important that N.P. is included in our mat for a small fraction of the cost of the special Negative Potential device.

The N.P. function makes Ereada® Amethyst Mat a truly unique product in the market, distinctive from other mats.

3. Powerful BioMagnetic Function and optional 660Nm Red Light LEDs

Ereada® mats are very technology-rich products. Ereada® Amethyst mats of Purple Collection and Gemstone mats are featured with 300 Gauss Permanent Magnets and 100-400 Gauss Pulsation Magnetic Fields (PEMF) Function. These magnetic fields are several times more powerful than those of other hot stone PEMF mats in the market and are close to special PEMFinstruments.

4. Only 100% Natural unpainted, non-irradiated, non-chemically treated Gemstones are used.

Our Gemstone mats are featured with different blends of Natural Semi-Precious Crystals. This multicolor variety of gems may include Purple and Red Amethysts, Jade, Garnet, Red and Green Agates, Jasper, Tourmaline, and other colorful types of Natural Quartz and Chalcedony from all over the world. Several special Bio Ceramic Balls made of Tourmaline, Germanium, Elvan, White Clay, Charcoal, Gold Ore, and Yellow Mud are added to multiply the beneficial effects.*

5. Ereada® Amethyst Mats are heavier with up to 30% more crystals per mat than other brands.

We use many types of Certified Jewel Grade Gemstones. The most important of these gems is the A+ Grade Natural Purple Amethyst. The same sizes of our mattresses have more stones inside than the mats of other manufacturers. Thicker and heavier gems are more valuable and powerful for radiant crystal rays and ions generation*.


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