Amethyst History and Properties

The name "Amethyst" came from the Ancient Greek ‒ (a-"not") and μέθυστος (méthystos – "intoxicated"), a reference to the belief that the crystal magic protected its owner from intoxication, poisoning, evil and pernicious energy. In ancient times it was one of the five primary gemstones together with the diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. The gem was called a "healing stone" and used in noble jewelry and royal crowns symbolizing health, luck, and protection from evil.

Amethyst built a reputation as the powerful detoxifier during the ages, protecting users from addictions, poisons, diseases, and even gluttony. Amethyst crystals have also been sought traditionally for their ability to induce good dreams and mind harmonizing, calming, and wellbeing.

There are strong holistic beliefs that the amethyst pads can block the harmful electromagnetic radiation and negative influence coming from the "Dragon's veins," hot underground rivers, and collectors with thermal water heated by magma, also called geo-pathogenic zones (the term geo-pathogenic also originated from two Greek words: geo means "earth" and pathos means "suffering" or "illness").

Amethyst crystal emits an inherent wavelength of 32,876 kHz. The waves of this frequency are believed to enhance vital activities. The InfraRed Light emitted or refracted by the amethyst crystals generates the most available and compatible deep penetrating heat.

There is a hypothesis that amethyst natural power may function as a "natural superconductor" or amplifier providing the Far and Mid-Infra Red Light waves and the unique nano vibrational frequencies with the maximum capabilities into the body.

The mechanism of this action is called a "bio-resonance" and can be explained by an example of touching a large bell having an inherent number of its unique vibrations with a single finger. When the bell is struck regularly, it causes vibrations, and it begins to move. The vibrations between molecules strengthen, and the electronic energy increases, making the bell ring.

Though the properties of Amethyst were discovered a long time ago, due to the rareness and high price of the gemstone, the purple amethyst mats, clothes, and jewelry were a part of wealthy life only. In modern times after the geologists discovered new Amethyst deposits, the gemstone became more affordable and is considered semi-precious now. 

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