Red Quartz

Red Amethyst, sometimes also called Red Crystal, is not so famous as its Purple analog. The crystal comes mainly from Canada and Brazil and is a rare variation of Amethyst with Hematite and Smoky Quartz inclusions providing a red shade. Three minerals produce a crystal cluster traditionally believed to bring the additional energy of courage, tenacity, inner strength, romance, and passion.

In Crystal word, in Reiki and Holistic Practices, the Red Quartz is more effective in balancing the Base Chakra. It carries ancient wisdom uniting sky and earth, grounds the soul, and anchors the light body, shielding and protecting yourself when doing metaphysical work such as meditating or journeying.

Our Gemstone mats are filled with natural gems of several colors: Purple Amethyst,  Red  Agate or Amethyst, Green Chalcedony Agate or Jade, Reddish-Brown Garnet, and several types of Bio Ceramic Balls made of Tourmaline, White Clay or Pearl, Charcoal, Gold Ore, and Yellow Mud.

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