Helpful vs Harmful EMFs


Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are present everywhere in nature. Light is its most familiar form though most EMFs are invisible to the human eye.

Electric and magnetic fields spectrum extends from static electric and magnetic fields, through radio frequency and InfraRed radiation, to X-rays.

They include Sunlight, electricity in different forms, Earth magnetism, and many micro sources of energy, including our bodies, organs, and cells.

It is essential to understand the difference between the electromagnetic fields used for beneficial purposes and harmful EMFs, which can cause damage to human bodies.


There are many natural harmful EMFs as UV light in high doses, Gamma- or X-rays radiation. The hazardous human-made electromagnetic fields also surround us. These fields are generated by electrical wiring in our buildings, electric tools, kitchen appliances, cell phones, computers, telecommunications, and other devices. High Frequencies and High Intensity can distinguish them.

Some studies have shown a link between cumulative EMF exposures and suboptimal health.

EMF tests of our mats in the Korean registered Laboratory confirm the safety and absence of harmful electromagnetic fields from our mats heating systems.


Ereada® mats construction provides Far InfraRed heating without any harmful electromagnetic field emissions. Full protection from harmful EMF is provided by the double silicon insulation and shielding of heating elements with the special wires catching and eliminating EMFs. The EMI (electromagnetic waves interceptor) layers with copper, charcoal fiber, and aluminum foil control the remaining EMF on almost zero levels.

The Heavy Amethyst layer is also known for interception of EMFs generated by electronic devices in the space around. Negative potential and Negative Ions emitted by the Ereada® mats may help to neutralize the positive ionization of harmful EMF.

The EMFs of Ereada® mats are controlled on the safest zero levels. The measurement showed that even during the spikes, the AC magnetic field intensity was less than 0.2 milliGauss (mG) on low heating and less than 0.6 mG on the highest heating level. It is even smaller than a typical in-home background (0.5-4 mG) and is generally considered safe for sleeping (less than 1 mG is recommended). For comparison, devices such as laptops are subject to EMF exposure in the range of 2 to 20 mG. Electric blankets emit 5 to 30 mG, hairdryers 10 to 70 mG, and an in-floor electrical heating system EMFs can reach even more than 100mG. 

Ereada® mats Controller AUTO EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interception) function automatically detects and transfers absorbed by the individual charcoal layer lead wires electric waves into the wall socket “ground" or "neutral" pins for Earthing so maintaining e-waves on the safe less than 10 v/m (less than 1 v/m by measurements) level.


The invisible part of the light spectrum

    • Near UV Sun Light is beneficial for vitamin D synthesis in the skin. Both the sun and the fluorescent lamps emit this light.
    • Infrared Light, especially FIR Light, transfers deep heat by non-contact radiant rays.

The visible part of the spectrum used for Light therapy (also called phototherapy) consists of exposure to daylight or specific wavelengths. Lasers, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), or very bright, full-spectrum lights emit such light.

    • Full-spectrum light (heliotherapy) is used to treat SAD (seasonal affective disorder), depression, and other psychiatric disorders.
    • Red and Blue lights (LED Bio-photon therapy) are associated with the skin. Visible Red Light with a wavelength of 660 nm is often used to get benefits.

Magnetic waves - Magnetism has a long history of using permanent magnets. Practitioners applied static magnets since the middle ages.

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF), also called Ultra-Very-Low Frequency (VLF) Rapid Pulsed Magnetism (RPM), is a modern restorative technique directing Pulsed Magnetic Waves at targeted areas. “Rapid Pulsing” means that North and South Magnetic Poles are quickly alternated up to 50-60 times per second, creating a dynamic Magnetic Field. Its wavelength is over 6 million meters or the same as the Sun and Earth's natural magnetic waves. It is the most extended magnetic wave in the universe that penetrates living tissue.

Combination of Far InfraRed Heat, Photon Red Light, Bio-Magnetic Pulsation in one device makes Ereada® mats genuinely unique.


Small electrical currents and magnetic fields naturally exist in the human body due to chemical reactions and biological processes, such as brain activity, digestion, pumping heart, or cellular potentials.

PEMF devices emit similar Magnetic Fields nearly identical to these frequencies created by the body's cells, organs, bones, and tissues. These safe, natural magnetic fields alternating at ultra-low frequencies are complementary to chemistry and functionality.

Scientists and professionals recognize pulsed Magnetism.

All Purple Ereada® Amethyst and Gemstone mats feature 12 pcs (Queen Mat 24 pcs) powerful static magnets. They naturally produce 300 Gauss Magnetic fields without electricity.

Also, the Compact Pro size mats and bigger of the “magnetism” collections have several PEMF copper coils for 100-400 Gauss intensity Pulsed Magnetic Field generation. Since 2019 the PEMF feature is also available on the gray mini mats.


UV-free 660 Nm Red Light Therapy, also called LLL or Low- Level Laser (Light) or Photonic Stimulation, is a warm relaxing treat.

Visible Red Light with a wavelength of 660 nm proved to penetrate tissues for several mm.

Now the Red Light is widely used for its ability to rejuvenate the look and appearance of skin.

A combination of the visible Red Light with the deeper penetrative InfraRed Crystal rays may be helpful and beneficial.

Ereada® mats with "PHOTON" LEDs synergies both visible (660 nm) and invisible (FIR) Red Lights in the one powerful device.

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