General Safety Precautions

Ereada® mats have been carefully engineered for both effectiveness and safety. Basic safety precautions should always be observed when using any electrical device.

Before using this product, please carefully read and follow the instructions in this section. They explain the best way to use and care for the mat. Please follow the safety instruction carefully. 

Please remember that the owner’s responsibility is that all parties that may use the mat are properly informed about the correct procedure to be followed. 


  • Children and those with disabilities should have a doctor’s permission and must be closely supervised when using the device. Infants should be strictly prohibited from using the Mat.
  • Please do not use it on heat-sensitive skin, especially face genitals. Also, skin that is not sensitive to temperature change should not encounter the mat’s surface (i.e., Diabetic or loss of feeling).
  • Do not use liniments, salves, or ointments containing heat-producing ingredients unless recommended by a health care professional. Skin burns could result.
  • It is very important to hydrate yourself well before, during, and after sessions (including minerals and electrolytes). Drink a lot of pure and mineral water, juices, or herbal teas.
  • Start Low and Go Slow! Use low settings to begin and gradually increase the intensity, duration, and frequency of sessions over time. Use carefully; low-temperature burns may result from improper use.
  • Overusing the device at maximum temperature may result in excessive stimulation. Use moderately at a high temperature. Even if your mat can heat in a continuous mode, it is strongly recommended not to use the high heat settings for more than 1 hour for your safety! Even if you have a good experience, limit heat sessions at maximum temperature levels to one hour per day to prevent dehydration and hyperthermia. 
  • If you have piercings or any other metal on your body, do not go above 104°F(40°C) unless that part of your body is off the Mat or the metal is removed.
  • Make sure your head is not on the heating part of the mat for long periods of time. Use a pillow as a barrier between your head and the mat if you plan to sleep on it. The special Ereada® Pillow is strongly recommended.
  • People who have surgical implants made of Titanium, Metal, Ceramic, or Plastic can typically use the Ereada® Mat. Surgical implants generally reflect InfraRed rays and are not heated by an InfraRed heating device. Anyhow it is strongly recommended to consult a knowledgeable physician before use.
  • Silicone implants may get heated by Far InfraRed (FIR) rays. Silicone is known to melt at over 200°C (392°F), so it should not be profoundly affected by InfraRed heat. But you are strongly recommended to consult your surgeon before use.
  • If you wish to use the mat for a pet, consult with a veterinarian. Be careful with pets sleeping on the device. They can damage the Mat if left without supervision! It should always be turned off without supervision.


  • Never put the Mat into the water, do not use the product in a wet or excessively humid area. Do not use the device when your hands and body are wet. If your mat got wet or you spilled water over a device, let it completely dry out first. Then heat it up to max level for an hour without laying on the mat. It should be enough to restore it.
  • Try not to bend your mat in unusual places. DO NOT FOLD OR BEND WHILE IN USE OR IF THE MAT IS STILL HOT – Ereada® mats are designed to lay flat when in use, they should NOT be folded in half while heating up or they will over-heat, the warranty on the mat will be void, and the life of the mat will be greatly diminished. The mats may be folded after they are cool, turned off, and prepared for storing. To prevent damaging the mat, only fold it in its predetermined positions. 
  • Only Brown Ereada® Mini Mat without the N.P. Function can be used to wrap or cover your body or on a chair or recliner bent up to 90 degrees. Other mini mats are also more flexible than larger ones.
  • Do not spill water or put any chemicals, volatile or flammable materials, and cleaning supplies such as benzene, thinner, or kerosene on the mattress. 
  • It is recommended to always protect the Mat from moisture and consistent perspiration with the multilayer high absorption waterproof case (included in your purchase) during use or storage. 
  • When using your mat in bed or on a hardwood floor, use a towel under the mat to separate it. This will prevent any damage to your bed mattress or flooring.
  • When you cover your mat, always cover the entire surface. Partial coverage can make the heat sensors malfunction which can alter the temperature settings. 
  • Do not put the controller on the mat while heating is ON. It may overheat.
  • Do not put heavy objects on the mat. Do not stop, walk, jump, run, and avoid other types of pressure, damaging inner sensors.
  • Do not shine the beam of light from the LEDs of PHOTON function directly into open eyes for long periods of time. Extended exposure to any bright light may damage the eyes.
  • Changes or modifications of the device can be dangerous and may cause electric shock. Do not disassemble anything while the power is on.
  • Do not prick the mattress with pins, knives, or sharp objects.
  • Changes or modifications to this device not expressly approved by the company can be dangerous and may cause electric shock.


  • Ensure that the receptacle where you plan to plug the mat has the same voltage rating as the specifications indicated for each product (usually 110-120V/60HZ for North America and 220-250V/50HZ for Europe and other countries). If necessary, use the step-down transformer converting 220-250V into 110-120V. Never use the travel adaptor, or the mat will be damaged.
  • To protect your warranty, always use a surge protector. This is the main reason for the mats malfunction; an electrical surge kills the controller and renders the mat unusable until a new controller is purchased. Spikes and surges are frequent in rural places and during hurricanes or snowstorms.
  • Remember to turn off the electrical supply when not in use and unplug your mat from the socket. When unplugging the device, please do not attempt to pull the cord; pull it out of the power outlet by holding the plug. Unplugging is the best way to protect the mat. 
  • Do not disconnect the mat from the controller more frequently than necessary. It may cause a loose connection.
  • Do not use the device when it is damaged or the cord is damaged or if the electrical outlet is excessively loose, find another socket that will correctly hold the plug.
  • Stop using and immediately unplug the mat from its power source (wall outlet) if you experience strange conditions such as smell, smoke shocks, and/orfire.
  • Before cleaning, turn off the Amethyst mat using the button on the controller and then unplug the device from its power source. 
  • Do not attempt to take apart or open the mat or controller for any reason. Should there be a problem with either, contact us first.

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