Ereada Mat Setup for Operation

1) When you receive the box with your mat, It may have worn due to shipping, but everything inside should be well protected. Please take a moment to verify that the item was not damaged in transit. Carefully unpack the box and review the contents of your package. Please, check if everything is included and in due condition. If there is any problem, please contact us right away by email at or phone (800) 688-7780 to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

2) Open the box. 

The set Includes:

  • Ereada® Mat or Pillow
  • Controller with terminal and plug wires (not included in the unpowered Pillow sets)
  • Waterproof Protector for your Mat (not included in the Pillow sets). Protection pads and covers may be shipped on the mats to protect them during shipping.
  • Carrying Bag for your Mat (may not be included in the Pillow sets)
  • Owner’s Guide and printed materials for instruction and information

3) If you have any medical issue or disease, it is strongly recommended NOT TO USE the mat without the Health Professional's approval. This mat should not be used by infants, pregnant women, patients with organ transplants, or incapacitated persons. Do not use heat mode if you have sensitive skin, face, genitals, or where there is a loss of feeling. If you have pacemakers and implants of any kind, ask your doctor if Far InfraRed (FIR) heat and PEMF are safe for you. To ensure your safety with the mat, please, study the Contraindications, Precautions, Safety Instructions, and Usage Tips sections of this owner’s guide.

4) If you purchased your Ereada®product on or Ereada.Com, your warranty is auto-activated. Otherwise, please, email to the device model and serial number (should be on your box, on your mat connector, or the controller sticker) for warranty activation.

5) These are some important steps to start your Far InfraRed Mat properly.

  • When you get the box with your mat, if it is too cold or too hot or wet outside, please, keep the mat inside for an hour to adjust to room temperature before connecting to the power socket. 
  • During this time, please, read your catalog/user guide and visit our website for more in-depth information about our products and the sciences behind them. 
  • Put the mat on the flat surface with crystals side upwards. If your area is subject to frequent electrical blackouts or power spikes, it could be better to connect the device to electricity through surge protection, AVR, or UPS devices like that one that protects computers or refrigerators. 
  • The next step is to test the mat at the highest temperature level (70°C equal to 158°F) for 2-3 hours. No need to lay on it during this time. Due to its multi-layered construction, it may take up to an hour for your mat to reach its highest temperatures. It may be less than 70°C. You should cover your mat entirely with a thick blanket to trap the heat, or it will continuously escape into the air.
  • For safety, the logo area, the edges of the mat, and the end tubes with crystals do not have direct heating. But if the mat is ON for a long time, the end tubes will heat up indirectly from the neighbor hot stones or crystals.
  • Set the temperature according to your comfort. A warm temperature of levels 2-3 (36-43°C = 98- 110°F) is enough to get benefits. 
  • The mat is tough and stiff because of the crystals. It is quite standard to have some adaptation in the beginning. After some time, your body will adjust and stop feeling any discomfort. The hard pressure from crystals is not a really bad thing as it is great for short 5-10 minutes procedures on the bare mat for benefits. It may cause some painful feeling if overused from the very beginning.
  • If you would like to lay for a long time or even sleep on your mat, it could be great to do it slowly, adapting your body to crystals pressure. So the first rule is to start with shorter sessions and move forward slowly. Another way to decrease the pressure from the mat ribs with stones is to use some cotton or bamboo towels, sheets, or blankets on the top of the included into the set Ereada® 3-D Pad Thick Protector to make the mat softer. The most useful part of Far InfraRed Radiant Crystal Heat will travel through the Ereada Pad and the natural materials (cotton, bamboo, wool) toppers as well as negative ions, and you will have more comfortable laying on the mat. 
  • Put as many layers as you need, not feel pain after the 10-15 min procedure. It is enough to start. Later as soon as your body gets used to the mat, you can take away the extra layers one by one.
  • Use the slow and continuous mode of increasing session intensity. Begin with the low-temperature levels and short time sessions of half-hour or less and gradually increase the length and intensity.
  • Never fold the mat while hot; never heat it in folded condition; remember that only the mini mat (20"x32") can be bent a little to wrap the body or used on a chair while heating. Avoid walking, exercising, or dancing on the mat or putting heavy or sharp objects, or applying pressure not to damage the inner sensors and heating system. 
  • Remember to unplug the controller from the power outlet when the mat is not used. It will protect both the mat and controller from power surge caused faults.
  • All larger than MINI mats should be used only flat on the bed or the floor. When you fold the mat for storage, always do it in the same manner as you received it, with the top surface with crystals upside. If the mat is folded in the wrong direction, it may be damaged.
  • If the display of your mat controller shows errors or the mat does not heat properly, the cause for the problem is a poor connection. The plug with the connector from the controller (#1) to the mat terminal socket (#2) should be connected tightly. Ensure the controller’s plug is pushed all the way into the mat’s receptacle socket so that it is snug tight with no space at all between the plug and the mat’s socket, as in the picture below.

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