Before a Session


It is generally safe to use your Ereada® Mat for negative ions generation on lowest temperature levels. But it is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor before using the thermal settings on mid and high levels.


Our mats are made for U.S. electricity, 110-120V/60Hz, with plugs for a standard U.S. grounded socket.

We have a lot of customers successfully using our products in Europe, UK, Israel, Russia, HK, Korea and even Australia with 220-250V/50Hz. You HAVE to use special stepdown power transformers and units that convert  220-240V to 110-120V.

Remember that the power of the converter should be at least twice the mat’s power consumption.



Proper rehydration is very important for Ereada® Mat usage. Drink plenty of pure or mineral water along with the important minerals and electrolytes that the body needs when replenishing itself after perspiration. Do this before and after your sessions with the mat especially if you are using higher heat temperatures or are using the mat for a more prolonged period of time. During sessions have a bottle of water or fresh juice within easy reach.


Prepare your mat space to  create  tranquility,  privacy  and an optimal atmosphere.You will get the most out of your Ereada® Mat if you set up a private and stress-free environment where you will use it. Your session should be calm and free of any disturbance. Creating a healthy ambiance will enhance your overall experience and optimize your outcome with it. Some people choose to have a blanket and relaxing music playing in the background while they spend time on their mat. The mat will best serve you if you are free of all disruptions and are able to create a calming environment.

Consider turning off all of the signals on your phones and electronic devices and using a “Do Not Disturb” sign.


It is strongly recommended to put on your mat the special High Absorption Heat Permeable Protector Cover included into the set. This multilayer cover is specially designed to keep Ereada® mats from moisture, liquids, stains, lotions, and dust mites.

The combination of several layers assists in preventing spills and sweat from entering the mat  while  transferring  heat  and moisture outward protecting your device. Protection  cover is completely permeable for Far InfraRed Heat, PEMF and Negative Ionization, though it may dissipate some conductive heat and block Red Light. So for photon sessions it maybe better to use your mat without cover but protecting your eyes with special dark glasses (if you look at the photon LEDs).

The 3D pad construction provides an excellent body support evenly distributing pressure from the mat’s hard stone disks or ribs of amethyst, jade and tourmaline tumbled crystals.

Protector is great for home and especially for professionals using the mat in their practices. If you do not feel enough soft, you can add an extra layer with a cotton (only natural fiber is recommended) sheet, towel or blanket.

Consider to set the mat temperature a little higher than without a pad to compensate the conductive heat dissipation.

The protector pad and cotton or other natural material sheets are permeable for FIR wavelengths so you will get all the desired benefits of the Ereada® Mat.


Always cover the mat in its entirety. If you cover it partially, it may overheat due to sensor disruptions. Do not use too thick layer, especially that one of heavy wool or synthetic blankets partially covering the mat. It may cause permanent operation of overheat protection bimetal sensors. When the heat is blocked, the mat still heats up until AUTO cut OFF by bimetal switches. The mat is double protected by overheat sensors but the heating element and/or bimetal sensor life may be decreased.

A low permeable pillow on the heating surface can also disrupt your Ereada® Mat temperature sensors functionality as different sensors will report different temperatures to the main computer chip. 

When you cover your mat, always cover the whole surface. Partial coverage can make the heat sensors malfunction which can alter the temperature settings and break the controller calibration.

Taking precautions to keep the mat from overheating should make it last for a much longer time.


For best results, avoid wearing synthetic clothing on the Ereada® Mat. It is best to wear cotton or natural fiber clothes during your sessions.


Dry skin brushing or warm shower scrubbing for about 5 to 10 minutes before your Ereada® Mat session can be recommended to get the dead skin off and open the skin pores for better detox. Clean perspiratory glands will help your body easily cleanse through the natural sweating process.

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