How to sleep on a large mat like King, Queen, Single or Pro without removing it from the bed.

When the body is not yet ready for crystals, pressure sleeping all the night on the mat covered with the cover and 3-D pad included into the set may still be uncomfortable. It is also difficult to remove such a heavy mat from your bed every evening.

The simple solution to sleep on your bed without folding and removing your amethyst mat every evening is the mattress topper. It is a "must-have" at the starting point for your comfort and convenience. 

The topper is similar to a standard mattress but not so thick. We can call it a "thin mattress." Like other mattresses, it may be of different materials such as memory foam, coconut shell, eggshell, down, and you can select that softness that is comfortable for you. It is usually 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) thick, and you can roll it. It weighs much less than your stone mat, and it is easier to remove the mattress topper for the time when you are going to use your FIR mat than the gemstone mat every evening to sleep on your regular mattress.

Of course, the mat should be OFF and unplugged from the wall socket when the topper is on it. If you put the topper on the amethyst mat and turn it to heat ON, the warming stone mat may overheat. Bimetal switches will cut off electricity. But bimetal strips are intended to be used as an emergency safety system (if the primary controller thermostat system fails). They wear much faster if they function all the time. 

The worst case is when the mat is partially covered, and the controller gets different temperature signals from various sensors. It may be disrupted and begin to malfunction. If your emergency overheating protection system built with bimetal switches inside the mat is worn, it may not be able to stop overheating when it should (at 170F), and the heated stone mat may burn.

When you use the mat for heating, you can put our permeable for FIR Heat and Ions covers, 3-D pads, even thin blankets, or towels on top. The maximum thickness of these breathable layers should not be more than 1 inch (2-3 cm). The heating zone of the mat should be covered completely to avoid disruption.

You cannot put the rubber mats, yoga mats, or other non-permeable layers on top of your mattress when it is warming. You cannot put the too thick layer of towels. The mattress topper is too thick as well to use the mat with it for heating all night.

So the stating guide for the Queen or any other heavy mat may include the following steps:

1. Using the heated crystals mat with a cover and 3-D pad (added into the set) and 1-2 towels on top for up to half an hour, then cooling it and covering with a thick topper just in order not to remove the heavy mat from the bed mattress.

2. Slowly and gradually extending your sessions to 1-2 hours. It may take months, depending on your body composition and weight.

3. Try to sleep on the unpowered mat with several blankets on top.

4. Remove blankets one by one as soon as your body adapts.

5. When you can sleep on the mat with only a cover and 3-D pad, you may start to use it all night long (or as long as you like) on the lowest heating levels of 35-45 C. It may take a year to come to this point. Later if you feel comfortable, you can remove the cover and the 3-D pad to sleep on crystals.

The sessions should be pleasant and never cause any discomfort. If you have an unpleasant feeling when you wake up, it means you are overdoing it; take a step back. No speeding fines anymore!

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