1. NEVER use rubber mats, yoga mats, camp mats, solid objects, or a too thick layer (more than one inch) of towels or blankets to cover the HEATING mat.

If the topper you use on the heating mat is not permeable (like rubber), it will trap the FIR heat, and the mat will regularly overheat. Though the mat is equipped with emergency bimetal switches for overheat protection, this safety feature is designed to stop the mat heating only if the controller fails and is not intended to operate as the main thermostat. If the whole mat is covered with non-permeable material and continuously overheats, the bi-metal switches function all the time and wear off. If they fail, the mat will not be protected from overheating or burn.

NEVER leave your mat unattended while heating up. 

NEVER put anything such as pillows, laptops, books, etc., on the HEATING SURFACE of the thermal mat, since the heating system can burn it and damage the mat. Bimetal switches work to protect the mat with a body on it or if the entire heating surface is covered uniformly and with porous layers. Emergency protection systems may not stop local overheat if it occurs only on a small part of the mat, where there are no temperature sensors or bimetal switches.

If the mat feels too hard to sleep, cover it with thick layers only after it cools down.  

2. NEVER cover the HEATING mat with anything but the covers provided with it or towels, sheets, and blankets made from natural materials (like cotton, bamboo). 

The material you use has to be permeable to FIR rays, and the layer on top should not be too thick. If you put on the mat something non-permeable such as rubber, the FIR heat will be trapped, and the hot crystal mat could overheat. Though, in this case, bimetal switches cut-off electricity, when they work permanently, they wear off fast, and the danger of burn goes up. Also, an emergency protection system may not stop local overheat if it occurs on that spot of the mat where there are no temperature sensors or bimetal switches.

Some examples of not allowed objects on top of the mat are - controllers, laptops, thick pillows, books, yoga, and camping mats. 

So, for your safety, please, never keep or put anything on the mat beside permeable covers. Only your body can be on the hot stone mattress. 

3. It is essential that you cover the mat completely while preheating it.

If you cover the mat partially, the inner temperature sensors will report different and controversial measurements to the central controller.

Finally, it distorts the thermostat, and the mat controller may lose calibration and start to work incorrectly or malfunction. 

So please always cover all the heating surfaces of the mat entirely while preheating to set level.

4. Do not use in 220-240V countries without a step-down power converter transforming 220-240V into 110-120V. Never use the controller with a travel plug or adapter.

5. Do not leave unattended while heating.

6. Put a cover protecting both the bottom and the top of the mat or a towel beneath as a barrier between the hot stone mat and the base if you use it on your mattress or a wooden floor.

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