Is magnetic function unipolar or bipolar?

Both types of magnetism therapy were popular since ancient times: unipolar and bipolar.

The terms "unipolar" and "bipolar" refer to the magnetic poles facing the mattress top and the patient's skin.

Bipolar permanent (static) magnet therapy uses several discrete, individual magnets arranged in an alternating pattern so that both north and south poles face the top of the mattress and the skin.

Unipolar magnet therapy usually uses several discrete, individual magnets aligned with the same magnetic pole toward the skin.

Permanent (static) magnets, both unipolar and bipolar, do not need electricity to generate magnetic fields.

The PEMF technique is the further development of bipolar magnetic therapy. It is a modern technology rapidly alternating the south and north magnetic poles at extremely low speeds with frequencies like 1-60 times per second, also called Hertz (Hz). The main difference is that the dynamic nature of the magnetic field change brings much more energy into the tissues. PEMF uses electric power to alternate the poles.

Gray Ereada Amethyst mats also do not have permanent (static) magnets and feature only PEMF function.

As for the static magnets, they are available only in the Purple Ereada Amethyst and Ereada Gemstone mats together with PEMF function.

Ereada Purple Mats static magnets are bipolar. The patient's pole is the bio-magnetic north pole or negative pole (hence the term unipolar). The so-called bio-magnetic south pole then faces to the bottom of the mattress or away from the skin.

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