Is it real amethyst? If so, why it is not so expensive?

All our mats are built with 100% natural A+ not chemically treated, not painted, not irradiated Purple amethyst from Korea and South America.

Amethyst significantly dropped in price after the new mines in South America were discovered. Still, in ancient times it was one of the most precious stones and one of the five main gems together with true ruby, diamond, emerald, and sapphire.

Later, during the 20th century, the prices for amethyst crystals dropped again because big mines were discovered in Brazil and Uruguay. The crystal, which was one of the most valuable gemstones before, is now considered semi-precious.

One pound of A+ amethyst is priced around $15-20 by wholesale traders now. Our Professional mat with 24 pounds of crystals is priced at $990, which is very reasonable.

Amethyst coming to manufacturing facilities of Hyundai Co from South America pass strict control with double testing in Hanmi Gemological Institute of Korea, and CHA Gemological Laboratory with the U.S. attested expert.

Our target is only to use the best and highest quality materials. 

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