How the mats are protected from harmful EMFs?

The full protection of the users of our products from harmful EMFs is provided by both passive and active EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interception) technologies integrated into our Ereada ® amethyst mats.  

The passive system consists of the double silicon and Teflon insulation and shielding of low emission titanium heating elements and the special EMI layers inside the mats with copper fiber, carbon fiber, silver fiber to control the remaining EMFs on almost zero level. 

The active system includes the special wires and carbon layer catching the peak electric and magnetic waves. It works with the Controller AUTO EMI function, automatically detecting and transferring absorbed by this system EMFs spikes into the wall socket “ground pin” for Earthing. 

The active system is like a lighting rod safely conducting the EMFs into the ground. It is available on all Ereada® mats and is more important for 220v European mats than for the USA, where the spikes are quite rare. A similar system is used on Richway biomats.

The measurements showed that even during the spikes, the intensity of the magnetic field was not more than 0.2-0.5 milliGauss (mG) which is even less than typical in the home background (0.5-4 mG) and is generally considered safe for sleeping (less than 1 mG is recommended). 

Our mats’ average EMFs blocking levels are less than 10 dB, far below the standards for safety established by FCC for the USA and CE for Europe (40-60 dB). EMF tests in Korean registered laboratories confirm the safety and absence of harmful electromagnetic fields.

In general, our mats are the safest in the market, and they are comparable to Richway Biomats in the EMF levels and interception functions. 

Some hot stone mats in the market (mainly made in China) usually do not have the active EMI system and grounding features and use much cheaper and unstable heating elements.

But if you are EMF sensitive, you should be aware that some parts of all brands of FIR mats are difficult to shield, and they emit relatively higher levels. 

These parts are generally the plugs, the wires, the connection terminal, the bimetal switches, and the controllers, which on full power (when the mat is heating up, not when it is hot), can emit up to 4-8 mG. 

The bimetal switches are assembled into the emergency safety system activated if the mat’s main safety system fails and it overheats to 170 F. When that happens, the bimetal extension cuts electric wires. We use fewer emission ceramic switches (less than 2-3 mG) and position them near the edges of the mats.

Ereada® Pro / Single / MidSize controllers on full power emit up to 8mG, and the Mini mat controllers emit up to 3-4mG. 

Though it is still considered safe for sleeping, it is better to put the controller away from your head (same as you should do with the phone charger, desk lamp, or any other electrical device). 

Also, it is better to use the amethyst pillow (or at least the standard one) to avoid the occasional contact between your head and the power connection terminal. 

Or you can sleep with your feet towards the connection terminal, which is situated near the logo on the top of the mat. 

Really the electric heating system works only during 10-20% of mat session time as it stops when the mat reaches set temperature and resumes only after the temperature drops. You can also completely eliminate exposure to any EMFs by preheating your mat to max temperature and turning it off before the session. Hot crystals accumulate warmth and will emit Infrared Rays and Negative Ions without electric power.

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