Are Ereada® mats built only with amethyst and not with tourmaline?

Amethyst is considered the main stone, that is why it is mainly used. It is the only stone which you can find in the PURPLE Ereada® mats and BROWN Ereada® mats collections.

But we also have one more collection with 4 natural gems and 4 types of tourmaline ceramic microspheres especially to increase ion production - Ereada® GEMSTONE mats. 

However, Ereada® Gemstone mats are built with almost half of amethyst stones. Remaining gems are agate, Green chalcedony and garnet. 

Some customers may prefer different stones that is why we have a choice.

If you are interested in tourmaline, Ereada® Gemstone mats will work fine. Each second tube is with blend of 4 tourmaline Ceramic balls.

And N.P. (Negative Potential function also called E.D.N.I. or Electrical Discharge of Negative Ions) in the mini Ereada®  Gemstone mats is the first ever integration of E.D.N.I. into such small heating pads. Before EDNI/NP was only available on compact professional and larger Ereada®  Brown mats and Professional or larger Richway Bio-mats.

Now we also have Brown Mini mats with N.P.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) function is available in Compact Pro and larger Gemstone Ereada® mats. All of these Gemstone mats also have 12 pcs Static 300 gauss magnets and should be a great choice if you need a mat with tourmaline manufactured in Korea.

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