What is the difference between powers of garnet, agates, jade, tourmaline and amethyst?

Jade, agate, chalcedony, jasper, amethyst used in Ereada®  Gemstone mats are all 100% natural semi-precious stones. They have similar properties and features but with some differences. Please, check our catalog for more information. Some folks have different gemstones preferences. 

Amethyst is considered the main stone because when preheated it emits rays in the range from 5 to 14 microns with the most part of emitted energy concentrated at 2 peaks at 7 and 12 microns wavelength. This range is considered compatible so we use amethyst as a main crystal for Far Infrared Rays generation. Even in Gemstone mats the share of amethyst in the crystals blend is around 50%.

Tourmaline ceramic micro spheres are the best for negative ion because we bake them with gold ore, volcanic rocks, yellow clay, ochre, eleven and other minerals to enrich anion emission to the level of 700-1500 ions. 

Ereada® mats of the same size are 20-30% heavier than other mats in the market. They heat up slower and may be less hot to touch but due to more crystals inside will generate more infrared rays. 

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