How to Choose The Proper Size of Ereada Mat

Ereada® mats come in three collections and five convenient sizes for local use, whole body or even for two-person sessions:

  • 20"x32" Mini Mat
  • 24"x59" Midsize Mat  
  • 29"x74" Professional Mat
  • 39"x75" Single Mat  
  • 59"x75" Queen Mat (Double zone)  

Typically our mini mats are intended to focus on specific areas or for portable reasons. You may get an effect without the whole body sweating.

Midsize, Full Body, Professional, Single Size mats are great for the whole body experience. They are somewhat firm, thick, rigid and you use them flat on your bed, floor, massage table as the main warm stone mat.

The best way to choose what size mat to get for the full body is your height.

5'5" and under – 59"x24" Midsize Mat  
6'1" and over – 71"x32" Professional or 75"x39" Single Size Mat
The best for sleeping are Single or Queen mats.

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