Do you consider Ereada® mat to be as good as the Richway Bio Pad with amethyst and tourmaline stones?

Richway Biomat is a great product. It passed through several clinic studies and got 510K approval from FDA. Those studies proved that amethyst Biomat is efficient to relieve muscle pains, joint pain associated with arthritis, strains, stress, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder ) backache and it showed efficiency even in cancer pains soothing.

Our manufacturer Hyundai Co is 20 years old and, even though their products were not studied in the USA, they are widely used in Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.

Our Brown Classic Ereada® amethyst mats without additional functions are very similar to Richway products. But they are heavier, with 20% more amethyst in the same size mats and generate more FIR heat.

Our other mats are even more superior to the majority of the hot stone mats in the market because Ereada®  Purple and Gemstone mats are enriched with additional functions such as PEMF, PHOTON (only Purple mats), Static Magnets and Air Ion making them truly unique heating mats.

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