I bought Rich Way mat 3 years ago and now it started to leak amethyst. How do you resolve this issue?

The problem of crystals leaking refers to an old model of Richway bio-mat with the PVC film window showing crystals. 

We use unique transparent film PU material for windows showing crystals. It is heat and sweat resistant and will never deteriorate even if you heat it to 100 °C or treat it with chemicals.

As far as I know, now Richway uses heat-resistant PU film as well. They took a part of this technology from Hyundai Medical Co and us.
Of course, if you leave any rubber, foam, gel topper, or a solid object, or a yoga mat on top of the heated stone mat, it will block infrared heat and cause overheating and damage any mattress and cause burns. So, please always take care that there is nothing non-permeable on the mat.
Ereada® Brown and Gray mats have two clear lines showing crystals design. We do not stitch these windows like competitor's products, but ultrasonic bonded.

The tubes with amethyst crystals are made of luxury artificial suede, very soft to touch yet very durable. Both gray and brown fabrics are soft, heat resistant, and very stable against sweat. 

As for the Purple mats, they feature heat-resistant mesh fabric top layer holding crystals. This fabric is durable against sweat and heating, but it does not withstand any sharp objects. Such items as keys or belt buckles can damage it.

And of course, all our mats' sets include waterproof yet breathable covers and protectors to cushion the mat by 3-dimensional air mesh layer and protect it from sweat and leaks with TPU membrane similar to those used for alpine ski suites.

Ereada® protectors are one way permeable for FIR crystal rays, ions, and PEMF coming from the mat, but they block sweat, liquids, and smells coming from the body so that the mat remains clean and secure.

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