Which PEMF frequency is the best?

You can select one of eight frequencies in the range between 8 and 64Hz, and one automatic PEMF program with a random changing of frequencies every several seconds.

The best is to try different programs for 10-20 minutes during the morning, day, and evening time, to check if they work differently for you, depending on the setting.

In general, the lower frequencies may be more calming, while the higher more activating.

However, it is individual, and the target is to find the one that works the best.

If you get the result you need, you can use any program day or night. 

Some companies make claims about the specific frequencies. We provide a choice for the customer to make a decision.

There is no particular indication because these frequencies work differently for different people and even for the same person in a different setting. 

The effect may depend on the time of the day, how you feel this day, and many other circumstances.

However, you can check for other PEMF articles to find some scientific approach to frequency selection.

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