How would I obtain the optional NP / PEMF/ VLF and Photon Red Light options?

PEMF/VLF and Photon Red Lights functions are factory installed on the Purple Ereada® amethyst mats.

Ereada Gemstone mats bigger than mini are also featured with PEMF / VLF. 

Brown amethyst mats bigger than mini all have N.P. Some of the Mini mats also have N.P.

These functions cannot be installed into the model where they are not available. 

You need to order another mat if you need these functions. 

But Classic Brown Ereada® FIR amethyst mats (Hot crystal Far InfraRed and Negative Ion mats without additional functions) may be more comfortable and durable for standard Ionizations and FIR heat. 

These mats are covered by soft eco-suede and may also be more comfortable if you use the mat without the cover.

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