Can I use the Mat in Slightly Bent Condition

Mostly our amethyst mats are not flexible; they are stiff and hard because of the high density compressed cotton layer in the bottom of the mat used to insulate and protect the heating elements, sensors, and other electronics. It also helps to direct the heat upwards.

If the mat has Photon and PEMF function, it will be thicker and harder.

Same time, Ereada mats use twisted titanium heating elements, which are very strong.

Usually, we do not recommend bending to ensure a longer product life. It's always better to use the mat flat to avoid stress on heating elements, PEMF, and Photon electronics inside the mat.

When you use the mat, it always bends slightly, so it is not a big issue. You can try to use it the way you want and put extra care to minimize banding; for example, if a mini mat kept behind while sitting and reading on the bad, you can choose to use a harder pillow as support behind the mat.

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