What is the difference between NP (Negative Potential) of Ereada® BROWN mats and AIR ION of Ereada® PURPLE and GRAY mats?

All Ereada® mats generate negative ions upon heating or utilizing your own body heat and produce ions by the anion layers inside the mat.

If you push the "Air Ion” button on the large Ereada® mat, it uses pulse and oscillating equipment to make low voltage rise to negative DC high voltage then use sophisticated HVDC (High-voltage direct current) to generate high corona discharge and release large numbers of electrons in the air. While electrons cannot exist for a long time in the air, they would be immediately captured in the air of oxygen molecule (O2), forming a negative ion. Its working principle is the same as the "thunder and lightning" phenomena producing negative ions in nature.

If you push the "Negative Ion” or "Negative Potential" (NP) button on all of the BROWN Ereada® mats controllers or Gray Ereada® Mini Mat controller, it works similarly. Still, on the last stage, it transfers 600V DC high voltage into the silver fiberglass layer inside the mat, generating a high potential negative charged electrostatic field with negative ions. Though it is a high voltage, it has a DC nature, and the power of this feature is like that of two AA batteries. 

However, Ereada brown mats allow operating the NP function together with warming (the best is to use relaxation low-temperature levels 1-3 or 30-50C). Richway biomats activate the EDNI feature only when they do not heat.

You can activate this function by the “ION” or "NP" button. Since 2017 we install a negative potential system on Brown and Gray Ereada® Mini Mats with the Q2000NP controller and the NP button.

Suppose the regular heated stone bed emits ions either through the air or through the skin, the Negative Potential works like a cloud surrounding the mat. When you sink your body in this bath of ions, the Positive ions (free radicals) convert into Negative Ions. The cellular membrane polarization improves, and the cells become more permeable to eliminate wastes and toxins and accept oxygen and nutrients. It is a revitalizing experience.

NP is much more penetrative and efficient than the regular Negative Ions. It restores the natural electrical field of tissues while the standard negative ionizers or mats transfer ions only through the air or surface layers.

NP generation is operated by a “Negative Ion” button activating 1-hour sessions recharging and reenergizing you in a short time. Mini Mat NP feature auto-off after 30 minutes. 

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