How do Ereada® mats compare (similarities and differences) to the Richway Bio mat?

Both brands are produced in Korea. Richway by Richway & Life and Ereada® by Hyundai Co. Both are superior to mats made in China.

Ereada® mats are heavier, with around 20-25% more crystals than other brands of the same size, to produce more FIR heat. But Richway Biomat heats up faster (30 min vs. 45 min under a thick blanket) to the same max temperature of 158 F (70 C) shown as level 7 on controllers.

Both have 7-8 levels of adjustable heat in the same range between 86 and 158 F or 30 and 70 C.

Classic Ereada® Brown mats made in Korea for almost 20 years are very similar to Richway Biomat in functions.

Both Richway and Ereada®  Brown mats have Negative Potential Functions. Richway calls it EDNI (Electrically Discharged Negative Ions). N.P. is installed on the Ereada® Brown and Gemstone Mini mats with big controllers and on all mats, larger than Midsize 24"x59" Brown Ereada® mats and on Pro and larger Richway Biomats.

Richway mini biomats do not have EDNI function. They are built with 50% amethyst and 50% tourmaline, while Ereada® mini mats are made of 100% pure amethyst. Richway makes only Pro and bigger mats from pure amethyst. 

Richway has only one product line of 4 sizes (they do not offer midsize 24”x59" mat), while Ereada®, in addition to Classic Brown, has 2 newer collections: Purple and Gemstone mats.

Richway EDNI is claimed to be a little more powerful than 700v than 600v of Ereada® Brown mats.

Ereada® new model of Purple Ereada® amethyst mats has additional functions: Red Light Photon, Static Magnets, PEMF (midsize and bigger), and Air Ion.

Ereada® Gemstone mats are built with 4 types of crystals: agate, amethyst, Green chalcedony, garnet, and 4 types of tourmaline ceramic microspheres and featured with PEMF and Air Ion (midsize and bigger).

660nm Red LED light is considered great for improving the look of skin.

Richway has a well-known brand and 20 years of history in the US, while our mats were mainly sold in Asian markets to professionals and are here only for 3 years. 

There were a lot of scientific studies, publications, books about the biomat.

But now Ereada® mats are sold directly to customers through online channels with very little margins at significantly lower prices than Richway Biomat that are mostly sold through middlemen and MLM.

Of course, Richway Biomats are products of great quality and long history. They are shipped with good quality hard shell storage cases, while Ereada® is shipped with soft bags, packed into great printed boxes with better visual appeal, and the bottom side of the mats is finished with some beautiful ornaments.

Though there is also some difference in minor features, layers, etc. We believe that Ereada® and Richway are similar high-quality products with similar functions, and if you tried the Richway biomat, you should expect a similar experience from Classic Brown Ereada® mats.

Our Purple mats work the same way in major matters (FIR heat, crystal rays, natural negative ions by amethyst and anion layers).  

But in addition to those features of amethyst mats, the Purple one has Red LED 660nm Photons, static (permanent) magnets, and bigger than Compact Pro Ereada® Purple mats also have PEMF (magnetic pulsation).

The top layer of the Richway Single, Queen, and King biomats is plastic film. The top layer of all sizes of the Brown Ereada® mats is the soft and luxury artificial suede with heat-stable ultrasonic bond lines showing crystals. They never decompose, and the stones will never fall out.

The Purple and Gemstone Ereada® mat’s top layer is different: it is a special, more permeable mesh net fabric. It may be a little harder than the soft Brown mat suede, but still, we ship all our mats together with a set of multilayer Protector with a 3-D Air Mesh cushioning layer and another thinner waterproof fleece cover.

Ereada® mats are covered with a 1-year warranty and lifetime service. Richway promises warranty terms as “3 years,” which may be misleading. Ereada® warranty is really FREE and FULL. While a 1-year FREE warranty covers Richway Biomat, and after 1 year, it costs money to get warranty service. It is not a 3-year warranty (as they market) but a 1-year warranty + 2-year after-warranty service commitment. 

When Ereada® mat is under warranty, and if a unit malfunctions and needs to be replaced, our customers do not have to pay for shipping. Since these mats are heavy, the cost of shipping them back would be expensive. Richway warranty states in small letters that after several months Richway charges for both ways shipping for warranty issues while we do not charge at all.

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